7 Times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And Joshua Proved That They Are The Ultimate BFFs

They are real BFF goals!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and Joshua may be considered as close friends because they are born in the same year, but the reason why their friendship is strong beyond words is definitely more than that.

Here are 7 times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Joshua proved that they are ultimate BFFs!

1. When they conquered challenges together since pre-debut

Jeonghan and Joshua entered the agency as trainees at around the same time, and so their friendship easily developed and they grew closer over time. They even told each other that if one of them gives up, the other will decide to give up with them, so they won’t be alone.

2. When they play pranks on each other

Jeonghan and Joshua love to play pranks on each other! It’s probably one of the reasons why their bond with each other is so different! As Joshua recently shared, there was a time when Jeonghan pranked him to eat seagull meat!

3. When Joshua left a present for Jeonghan on his birthday

On Jeonghan’s birthday, he was shocked to find a gift placed on his bed at exactly 12 midnight, only to see that Joshua bought it for him! He opened it up and saw a necklace, and felt thankful to his friend for the sweet gesture he obviously wasn’t expecting.

4. And when Jeonghan was captured using Joshua’s gift all the time

Jeonghan was then spotted wearing that same necklace all the time! Even Jeonghan admitted to wearing the necklace a lot when he was asked about it! He must have really liked Joshua’s gift!

5. When they enjoy doing the weirdest things

Both Jeonghan and Joshua’s personality seem to compliment each other really well because they both do some of the weirdest things. The best thing is both of them agreeing to do it even if they both know it will look weird to other people! They previously shared that they play rock paper scissors, and that the loser gets hit with a tea bag!

6. When they did a friendship test, but admitted that their friendship is stronger than that

Jeonghan and Joshua both did a friendship test to see how long their friendship will last, but at the end of it, they admitted that their friendship can’t be dictated by a mere test, and that it’s stronger than that.

7. They take care of each other well

When Jeonghan was sick, Joshua always looked at him to check his condition and to make sure that he’s feeling okay.