SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Once Made Joshua Eat Seagull Meat… Not

What a prankster.

In a recent Seventeen Magazine interview on YouTube, SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua looked back at the time his teammate Jeonghan had him completely fooled.


When asked to choose a member who is most likely to prank the others, The8, DK, Wonwoo, and Joshua all picked Jeonghan. Joshua commented, “Jeonghan is the most playful out of all the members”.


Then Joshua shared a story from when he was new in Korea. When he and Jeonghan went to a K-BBQ place and found a strange item on the menu, he recalled, Jeonghan didn’t miss the chance to turn it into a prank.

I remember when I first came to Korea… There is this word in Korean called galmaegi-sal and if you translate it [word-per-word] in English, it would be like ‘seagull meat’, but it’s not actual seagull meat.

— Joshua


Jeonghan made Joshua believe that this “seagull meat” is actually sourced from the local beaches too!

He was telling me that galmaegi-sal is seagull meat and I believed him. He said on the beach, these fishermen carry around these rods with seagulls dangling on the rods… and I believed it.

— Joshua


Fortunately, the internet came to Joshua’s rescue. When he looked up galmaegi-sal online in disbelief, he learned that it’s a Korean way of calling skirt meat, from the cut between pork ribs and pork belly!


And though since then Jeonghan has not stopped pranking Joshua to believe things like seagull meat, they remain best buddies. It is only within the strongest of brotherhoods that such pranks go appreciated after all!


Watch the whole interview here: