7 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Really Let Out Her Savage Side

She’s a savage queen!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is the group’s oldest member, but is well-known for acting like the youngest! Along with this adorable feat of hers, she’s also known as to be quite savage to her members as well, all in fun and love! Here are 7 times Nayeon showed her savage side, and had everyone in splits!

1. “Will you be okay?”

During a live broadcast, Jeongyeon, Nayeon and Jihyo were reading comments and talking to their fans. Jeongyeon suddenly wanted to speak in Japanese, and it was then that we got this golden moment.

Jeongyeon: “Should we speak in Japanese?”

Nayeon: “Oh, will you be okay?”



2. When she straight-up called Jihyo old

On an episode of Idol Room, Jihyo was asked to nag her members, and when it was Nayeon’s turn to get nagged, she didn’t take it lying down! She soon fired back with a comment of her own, and totally dragged Jihyo!

Recently, you felt old, that’s why you let down your bangs right?”


3. She totally exposed Jeongyeon about her lyrical inspirations

In an interview, Nayeon totally exposed Jeongyeon and her “love life”!

She began the hilarious exposé by revealing that Jeongyeon wrote the lyrics to the song “Love Line” by using her old crush on as an inspiration!

Nayeon finally dealt her finishing blow: by asking Jeongyeon to send her “former crush” a heartfelt message!


4. The time she imitated Tzuyu: Part 1

In 2016, the girls of TWICE all dressed up adorably in onesies for a recording of Amigo TV! During the show, Nayeon was asked to imitate Tzuyu‘s killer part during their debut song, “Like OOH-AAH”, and she crushed the part with her adorable twist!




5. The time she imitated Tzuyu: Part 2

During TWICE’s appearance on Idol Room in 2019, Nayeon revealed that no matter how much they try, TWICE’s choreography doesn’t look synced at all because of Tzuyu’s tall height! To demonstrate, she picked the point move from their song “Fancy”, first showing the hosts how the move is supposed to look:

And then she showed Tzuyu’s own take on the move, making everyone bursting out in laughter!


6. When she proved she’s not afraid of JYP at all!

In 2019, Dahyun and Nayeon appeared on Knowing Brothers alongside their agency founder Park Jin Young to support him during his comeback promotions.

As the show follows an informal speech format, Super Junior‘s Heechul asked the members of TWICE if they were wary about using informal speech with their boss.

Do you feel like you might have a hard time talking to Park Jin Young informally because of the [format of the] show?


To which Nayeon responded informally, saying,

With him?



7. She even lovingly roasts ONCEs!

Even ONCEs aren’t safe from Nayeon’s hilarious savageness! During a live broadcast, Nayeon saw a comment from a ONCE saying that they were going to spend Christmas with their girlfriend.

To this, Nayeon laughed and said,

Don’t lie to us!


We love a savage queen!