TWICE’s Nayeon Roasted A Fan During Live Broadcast And ONCEs Were Here For It

Do you think he wants some ice for that burn? πŸ”₯

During a recent live broadcast with TWICE‘s Nayeon, Sana, Jeongyeon, and Chaeyoung saw a comment from a ONCE that said he’s going on a date with his girlfriend on Christmas. Nayeon couldn’t hold back her laughter when she saw the comment and said, “Don’t lie to us!

Source: @ggsonce/Twitter

Upon hearing Nayeon’s laughter, Jeongyeon asked what was going on to which she reiterated what the fan said and asked whether it sounded like a lie.

Source: @ggsonce/Twitter

The other members joined in laughing after Nayeon roasted the poor unsuspecting ONCE.

Source: @ggsonce/Twitter

Fans of the group were totally here for getting roasted by Nayeon and immediately took to social media to share their approval of her sick burn.

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ONCEs love TWICE whether they’re being extra sweetΒ or savage AF. It’s nice that the women of TWICE feel comfortable enough with their fans to be able to joke with them like that!Β πŸ˜›