TWICE’s Tzuyu and Nayeon Had A Sweet Surprise For Momo On Her Birthday

Momo looked so happy to see her friends!

Much to the delight of fans, TWICE‘s Momo held a live broadcast on her birthday. Essentially the cooking queen of the group, Momo always leaves fans salivating with her epic cooking. She’s even gotten hurt when cooking for groupmates! Talk about dedication!

For her birthday this year, Momo decided to cook during her live broadcast. Fittingly, she made herself a birthday cake, however, during her broadcast, she was caught off guard when two of her groupmates decided to pay her a surprise visit!

Not only did Tzuyu and Nayeon surprise Nayeon with their presence, but they also brought a sweet present with them… An Apeach birthday cake! Her friends showed their sharp sense of humor as they presented the Apeach cake to Momo. 🍑

Tzuyu lovingly placed a party hat on Momo’s head to complete the birthday vibe.

Tzuyu adjusted it to make sure Momo would be her best birthday girl self…

… Before Momo presented the cake to the camera, with Nayeon waving at viewers as she hid her face.

Momo seemed truly delighted to see her friends, and it was definitely a feel-good moment for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully, Momo had an amazing birthday full of happiness and good memories! 💖