TWICE’s Momo Made Everyone Salivate by Revealing Her Delicious Home Cooking

Momo could open up her own restaurant!

TWICE‘s Momo recently shared her home cooking with fans, and her dishes looked absolutely drool-worthy.

The extensive menu that Momo cooked up herself consisted of shrimp risotto…

curry with rice…

and “budaejjigae” with all sorts of ham and meats inside.

She even added small details such as green onion, rice cakes, and tofu, making it look like a dish from a professional restaurant.

On top of that, Momo even graced her fans with selfies of herself looking beautiful as always.

Momo captioned the photos, “I’ve been obsessed with cooking these days. I bet you want some, too“,  and from the looks of her cooking skills, she’s not wrong.

Source: Dispatch