7 Unexpected Facts About SEVENTEEN That You May Not Know About

Dedicated CARATs, how many facts are you already aware of?

SEVENTEEN is one of the biggest K-Pop groups in the industry. Through their sheer talent and lovable personalities, CARATs have fallen for them hard and stayed unquestionably loyal.

Some fans have written down several facts about SEVENTEEN that keep them on their toes. Even years after their debut, there are still some pieces of information that surprise them! Check them out below!

1. They’re a 5-year old group but their oldest member is only 24 years old.

SEVENTEEN is a young group! They debuted in 2015 with “Adore U” and oldest member S.Coups was only 20 years old. He will turn 25 in August 8, making him younger than other boy group eldest members who debuted in the same year such as MONSTA X‘s Shownu (28) and iKON‘s Jinhwan (26).

2. Most of the group was street cast.

What non-fans may not know is that majority of the members were invited to join or audition for PLEDIS Entertainment after scouts saw their potential on the street. While Wonwoo, Woozi, and DK auditioned the normal way, Vernon was introduced to the company in a station and Joshua was chosen out of many performers in a Korean festival in the U.S.

A manager from our company scouted me and they wanted to see my potential so I came to Korea, trained for about a month, and I got in…I was eighteen.

– Joshua

3. Hoshi is older than Mingyu.

Mingyu may look like the hyung because of his mature visuals, but make no mistake, Hoshi is older! Hoshi was born on June 15, 1996 while Mingyu was born on April 6, 1997. This makes the main dancer a year older and the latter unexpectedly part of the maknae line.

4. Jeonghan majored in science.

Good looks, talent, and charisma are not all that Jeonghan has—he’s also notably smart. He chose to join the natural sciences department in Hyangnam high school, showing his interest in the tough subject.

5. Hoshi could’ve been a taekwondo athlete.

Before choosing to focus on fulfilling his dreams of being an idol, Hoshi was a black belt athlete. He even won multiple competitions around the country when he was in primary school.

Oddly enough, it was the threat of having to cut his hair short that made Hoshi give up his aspirations of being an athlete. Now he’s the main dancer and choreographer of SEVENTEEN!

6. DK’s real name is not Lee Dokyeom.

While it seems perfectly plausible that DK is the shortened version of Lee Dokyeom, that’s not actually his real name. Fellow member Mingyu could have even debuted with this stage name.

In case you didn’t know, DK’s real name is actually Lee Seokmin!

7. Woozi gained massive attention with “Downpour”.

Finally, composer Woozi became well-known as a great songwriter after “Downpour” by I.O.I was released in January 2017. This goodbye song was praised by fans and non-fans alike around the globe. As he said in an interview with Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date, the royalties he got from “Downpour” made even him pause.

The amount I receive makes me grateful.

– Woozi

Years after their debut, SEVENTEEN continues to surprise us!

Source: Pann