Here Are Male Idols With Real Sounding Stage Names That You Might Not Know

#4 is surprising!

When new K-Pop fans learn a seemingly unreal fact about their idols, they’re left shook. One of the most surprising tidbits is on the idol’s names, especially because of how real their stage names sound.

Check out some examples below!

1. NCT’s Doyoung is a stage name

Doyoung sounds like a completely natural birth name, but it actually came from his real name Dongyoung. New fans thought that when fellow NCTzens shouted “Dongyoung-ie”, it was just a cute nickname.

Doyoung actually had to change it in the end because it was hard to pronounce.

2. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo is a stage name

Cha Eunwoo sounds like a perfectly reasonable real name with the surname Cha and the first name Eunwoo. New fans would be surprised, however, to know that the ASTRO member is actually named Lee Dongmin.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Dokyum is a stage name

New fans may automatically assume that DK‘s stage name is short for “Dokyum”. In reality, the idol’s real name is Lee Seokmin.

4. NCT’s Haechan is a stage name

What newer NCTzens may not know is that Haechan used to perform under his real name Donghyuck as a rookie. After debut, Lee Sooman changed it to Haechan which means “shine bright uprightly”.


Meanwhile, Jeno surprised fans for the exact opposite reason as Doyoung. His name may sound like a stage name but it is the one he was born with: Lee Jeno.

Source: Pann