7 Worst Injuries That Ever Happened To EXO Members

2016 seemed to be an unlucky year for EXO.

1. Kai’s ankle injury part 1

In March 2017, while practicing for the group’s upcoming encore performance, Kai injured his ankle. The injury resulted in a swollen ligament that proved painful for the idol. Although he was injured, he still performed during the concert but with modified movements to put as little stress on his ankle as possible.


2. Kai’s ankle injury part 2

A few months later, during the group’s second day of their EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM concert, Suho announced that Kai would be unable to participate in the concert and would only be there for certain parts. Later, Kai came onto the stage in a wheelchair and explained the situation.


He had previously injured his ankle while practicing for a previous concert and re-injured the same ankle on the first day of their EXO’rDIUM concert. He also revealed that while there were no bone injuries, he had done some damage to one of his ligaments. Kai had to sit out for the performances during the concert’s first week and wasn’t allowed to participate in any performances that would put strain on his ankle during the second week.


It turned out that the injury was so severe that he was unable to really dance for months. The resulting ban on dancing resulted in a slump for the avid dance lover, but luckily everything healed and he was able to get back out on the dance floor.


3. Xiumin’s ISAC injury

The Idol Athletic Championships can be brutal and numerous idols have sustained injuries from the games. One of those injured was EXO‘s Xiumin! During the 2016 games, Xiumin collided with MMA fighter Kim Dong Hyun while playing futsal. After being helped off the pitch, he received on-site treatment from the ISAC medical team and was sent to the hospital for further examination.


At the hospital, Xiumin was diagnosed with a bruised right knee and received a soft cast in order to protect his injury from further damage. He went on to participate in EXO’s scheduled performance at the 2016 Golden Disc Awards but his participation was limited due to the pain.


4. Sehun’s hurt head

At EXO’s EXO’luXion concert in 2015, Sehun hit his head on one of the cameras while performing “Run”. After he hit his head he was seen checking his hand for any blood and then continued to clutch where he was injured until he left the stage.


He was checked out by the medical staff at the event who advised him not perform for the rest of the night. Luckily, the injury was not very severe and he was able to perform at the concert the next day.


5. Lay’s motorcycle accident

While filming for his Chinese drama Old Nine Gates in 2016, Lay was in an accident where a motorcycle fell on him. Fans were automatically concerned about him but he repeatedly told fans that he was okay.


Although he said he was fine, he actually sustained injuries to his lower back. SM Entertainment and his representatives in China initially confirmed he was in a “relatively serious condition but eventually found to be stable.” Lay flew back to South Korea to receive further specialist treatment and rehabilitation. With a lot of rest and rehabilitation he was able to recover from his injuries.


6. Lay’s chronic waist problems

In 2015, Lay was hospitalized after aggravating a previous waist injury. Lay was originally scheduled to meet 150 fans but his waist injury required immediate treatment. Despite his situation, Lay decided to move the event back an hour so that he could get treated and still meet up with his fans.


7. Lay’s neck and back injury

A few months previous to Lay‘s hospitalization due to his waist injury, he was rushed to the hospital during the filming of Chinese variety show Go Fighting. During the filming, Lay twisted his neck and back while playing a game. The other participants noticed his discomfort and Lay had to receive some treatment on set. Unfortunately, he was still unable to move freely and was urged to go to the hospital. The injuries were severe enough to prompt the idol to take a few days off from filming so that he could continue receiving treatment for the injury. Luckily, he was able to overcome them and returned to the set a few days later!