70-Year-Old Grandmothers Choose Which Male Idols Would Be The Best And Worst Sons

“I just want to pinch this guy.”

Everyone has an opinion on their favorite idols, and we can bet that you’ve probably seen the videos of children rating idols. But what would your grandmother think about K-Pop idols?

The YouTube channel kizzle has invited grandmothers aged 70 or more to rate several different idols in several different categories. Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Which idol do you think would be a good son?

  • BTS’ Jungkook


  • Park Jin Young (J.Y. Park)

Perhaps the other idols are very understandable, but why Park Jin Young? The grandmother explained that she wouldn’t like to have girls surrounding her, and he doesn’t look like a man girls would run to. Savage!

The other grandmothers chose sons they thought were cute, or that would take care of them well. The woman who chose Jungkook admired his picture once more and said, “He’s so handsome. Whose son is he?

2. Which idol wouldn’t listen to his parents?

  • Park Jin Young (J.Y. Park)

  • Mad Monster’s Tan

  • NCT’s Lucas

The grandmother that showed Lucas shared that she thought his eyes looked very rebellious. To be fair, he was giving us a smolder!

Park Jin Young made it to the listen yet again; only this woman said that she thinks he wouldn’t listen. She commented, “When his mother tells him to work [he says], ‘I’ll do as I please.’

3. Who is your favorite idol?

  • BTS’ Jimin

  • SHINee’s Onew

  • SHINee’s Jonghyun

The grandmother who held up Jonghyun simply said “cutie,” and honestly? No more words are needed! The grandmother who chose Onew said that he looked very bright and that he would please the people around him. The grandmother who picked up Jimin laughed while saying, “[It’s] because he looks like my husband.

Watch the hilarious full video below!

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