These 8 Active Groups With Less Than 500k Views Deserve So Much More Attention

Even if a group deserves a million views, sometimes it’s not that easy.

Hundreds of K-Pop groups are made each year in hopes of making it big, but many either don’t succeed or get very little recognition. It may take popular groups a week or less to reach one million views, but often for small groups, they could go their entire career without a million view video.

Previously, we’ve shown you groups with 50,000 views or less. Today, we’re adding a zero and showing you a few underrated groups with 500,000 views or less. Of course, there are plenty more groups that deserve your attention, but we hope this small selection helps you on your search. Here are 8 great K-Pop groups with less than 500,000 views that you need in your life!

1. Limitless (Highest: 417,858 views)

This boy group debuted with 6 members: A.M, VOK, Heeseok, Raychan, J-Jin, and C.I. They debuted under ONO Entertainment which has since shut down. However, it was revealed that the group has not disbanded and is still active on social media. Heeseok sadly left the group in May of 2020.

The quality of their videos and songs is almost absurd for a group with this amount of views and budget. They’re crisp and beautiful with a fun beat! Go and give them some support so they can build themselves up again!

2. MAJORS (Highest: 650,614 views)

MAJORS consists of 6 members: IdaVitaAkiBianSuzy, and Shinye. They debuted from ANS Entertainment just 2 months ago. Although debuting only in March of 2021, this girl group’s views are quite low, even for a debut.

| @official_majors_ansent/Instagram

Ignoring the somewhat odd audio quality, this music video is colorful, playful, and very high-quality! Despite their peak being almost 700k, we just had to include them on the list as their other music videos are much lower, and they deserve attention!

3. W24 (Highest: 510,459 views)

Ah, we all knew a band would be on this list, as sadly, many of them are severely ignored. W24 debuted under JARMY Entertainment with 5 members: JonggilHowon, JiwonAaron, and Yunsoo. They debuted back in March of 2018. Sadly, Jiwon left the group in 2020 due to his wish to live a regular life.

| @w24_official_/Instagram

These boys are amazingly talented in many ways and have gone much too long without attention! They’re bright and fun as well as soft and contemplative. They’re the perfect addition to any playlist.

4. Rolling Quartz (Highest: 243,230 views)

Rolling Quartz is a female band that debuted in December of 2020. Under Rolling Star Entertainment, the group consists of 5 members: Jayoung, Iree, Hyunjung, Areum, and Yeongeun.

| @rolling_quartz/Instagram

Bands, especially rock bands, are not very popular in Korea and the K-Pop community. However, fans have hoped that Dreamcatcher has broken the rock stigma and hope that these girls can make it far. They are amazingly talented and beautiful; it would be a crime to ignore them!

5. BZ BOYS (Highest: 120,333 views)

This boy group debuted with Chrome Entertainment in June of 2019. They began with 4 members but have gained a member quite recently and now have 5 members named Bon, Taewoong, Hamin, Double D, and Seunghyun.

| @bz_boys/Instagram

Although they haven’t made much music yet (most likely due to how hard the pandemic hit smaller groups), they show a lot of potential for future projects. Their videos are high in quality, and their image is very soft and inviting.

6. API/Ho1iday (Highest: (As Ho1iday) 15,628 views (As API) 200 views)

API is a girl group that originally debuted as Ho1iday in April of 2019 under Brickwork Company. They began with 5 members, Heejoo, Haru, Cheongeum, Saebyeok, and Dany. However, Cheongeum and Saebyeok sadly left the group in 2021.

| @api_official_/Instagram

With this group, we have an interesting case that often plagues small groups. In early 2020, they left Brickwork Company and became an independent group. Due to this, none of their original music videos can be found except for fan-created videos or reuploads by fans. However, their performances are still available, and they’re amazing! They only ever released 2 songs but are still active on social media. Presumably, they are just waiting to get enough money to create a new song.

7. LUAMEL (Highest: 180,512 views)

LUMEL is a severely underrated boy band that debuted back in 2018 under Bunker Records. They have since moved to Universal Music in 2020 and have 5 members: Kyeong Cheol, Young Soo, Hwi Jun, Yong Hyuk, and Seok June.

| @luamel_official/Instagram

Their music videos are of professional quality, and they even have some with CGI! Their sound is beautiful, and their lyrics are deeply meaningful. They are truly a hidden gem.

8. FLORIA (Highest: 42,719 views)

This girl group debuted just in August of 2020 under DK Entertainment. They consist of 4 members named HayeonSumiJo Ara, and Yeseul.

| @EntFloria/Twitter

Although these girls only released one song, they have enormous potential to make it big along with all of the other 4th generation groups that are popular. The music video is a tad rough, but the girls’ talent and passion truly shine through.

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