8 Advices From SEVENTEEN’s The8 That Can Change The Way You Live Your Life

He wants CARATs to live the best life they can!

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 has always been insightful and has always had a nice outlook in life and he makes sure that CARATs are living their life well too.

Whenever he gets the chance to, he always reminds his fans that life should be lived to the fullest, and CARATs are always thankful to him for his sweet reminders.

Here are 8 advices The8 has given that can change the way you live your life and see the world.

1. On getting good grades

Getting good grades isn’t a guarantee that your life will go well. You have to do what you love.

2. On the pursuit of being the best you can be

After being asked by a fan about how he/she can be like The8, he responded with a sweet and heartfelt message.

Don’t be like me. Be the best version of yourself.

3. On finding yourself

Cultivate your interests, improve your own charms. You will slowly start your find yourself.

4. On pursuing your dreams

We all have our own lives to live. Find your dream and live according to that. Don’t listen to what other people say.

5. On making mistakes

It’s okay to fall, just don’t fall apart.

6. On experiencing difficulties

If you’re having a tough time, try to appreciate what’s around you. There are lots of beautiful things out there.

7. On being resilient

Reality is always more cruel than our imagination. But we are stronger than the person we imagine ourselves to be.

8. On following your heart

Stay alert, remain true to your original aspiration. You must experience a lot to gain or to lose. There will be a day where dreams come true.

Source: Twitter