8 Airport Outfits That Prove TWICE’s Tzuyu Can Make Any Casual Fashion Look Elegant

Her fashion is almost as pretty as she is!

There’s no denying that TWICE’s Tzuyu is unbelievably pretty—from her eyes to her figure to even her clothes. No matter what she wears, she always looks like a princess, a socialite, or just downright elegant, and here are 8 outfits that proved it.

1. Tzuyu in February 2020

Tzuyu somehow managed to serve supermodel vibes and CEO vibes in this two-texture black coat and sleek ankle boots combo.

2. Tzuyu in October 2018

Wearing a beige patterned dress over a black high-neck top, Tzuyu looked elegant and ahead of the trend this day.

3. Tzuyu in August 2017

Tzuyu brought an edgy feel to her usual feminine style here with a ripped hem denim skirt over a bold graphic tee.

4. Tzuyu in January 2020

Tzuyu took being ONCEs ray of sunshine literally when she showed up at the airport in a bright yellow sweater. The bucket hat and specs only make her look even more adorable.

5. Tzuyu in November 2017

This Gossip Girl-esque outfit made Tzuyu look expensive AF. The long patterned coat and designer handbag suit her elegant style perfectly.

6. Tzuyu in December 2018

Tzuyu can pull off any style of hat, and this flat cap was no exception. She looked so cozy and cuddly in the fluffy black coat, too.

7. Tzuyu in July 2019

One of Tzuyu’s most elegant and regal airport looks was this beige meets black outfit. The puffy sleeves and long skirt created the perfect silhouette.

8. Tzuyu in May 2018

Last but not least, only Tzuyu could make a simple blouse and denim shorts combo look this pretty!