8 Ballads By ASTRO That You Should Listen To When You’re Brokenhearted

These ballads by ASTRO are here to comfort you.

Ballads are slow songs that you can enjoy anytime. Listening to ballads can bring you a sense of comfort especially when you’re sad, and ASTRO just has some of the best ballads to help you get through.

Here are 8 ballads by ASTRO that you should listen to when you’re brokenhearted.

1. “Should’ve Held On”

“Should’ve Held On” is about feeling regret because you gave up too easily on someone you love and felt desperate whenthey left you behind but wanting more of them.

2. “Love Wheel”

“Love Wheel” is about being there for the person you love and fulfilling dreams together and being with them for a long time.

3. “I’ll Be There”

“I’ll Be There” is about waiting for someone you love to come back to you and being there for them whenever they are ready to be with you again.

4. “Run”

“Run” is about pushing forward and confessing your feelings for someone despite the fear of being rejected. It’s a song of allowing your feelings to take you where your heart wants you to be and do what your heart wants to do.

5. “Stay With Me”

“Stay With Me” is a soft song that will make your heart flutter. It’s a song of confessing your genuine feelings to someone you love and deeply care about.

6. “Better With You”

“Better With You” is a song about missing someone after going through a break up and wanting to reconcile things with them.

7. “Because It’s You”

“Because It’s You” is a painful song about how the same person who makes you happy is the one who also hurts you the most.

8. “First Love”

“First Love” is a song about the pain one experiences when they experience heart break for the first time. It’s a sad song that many will be able to relate to.