8 Cute Moments That Reveal How BTS’s Suga Acts Like When He’s Around J-Hope

Get yourself a close friend who looks at you the way Suga looks at J-Hope in #8.

BTS‘s Suga considers J-Hope as a close friend. He even jokingly asked him to get matching heart tattoos with him.

For Suga, J-Hope is someone who can charge him right up whenever he feels low on energy.

He’s also someone Suga can rely on when they’re performing on stage.

But what happens when they’re not performing on stage and these dynamic duo is just showing their true selves?

We get to see Suga look so soft and wholesome while he’s hanging out with his close friend J-Hope, of course!

Here are eight moments that reveal how Yoongi acts like when he’s with Hoseok.

1. At first, he was just staring

After J-Hope looked at him, though, the only thing left for Suga to do…

…was to look away and pretend nothing happened.

2. Puns aren’t funny, unless it’s J-Hope who makes it

J-Hope joked “Suga-free” to mean that since Suga is available, he’s free.

Instead of scoffing at him, Suga even stood up to join J-Hope in one of his funny antics.

3. In case you needed some soft, wholesome content today

Protect this clingy, adorable rapper with all your heart.

4. It’s like watching a real-life movie

While all the members were busy reacting in front of the camera, Yoongi couldn’t help but look at Hoseok’s facial expressions.

5. You have two legs for a reason, Hoseok

6. Does this remind you of a phone being charged with power?

Because that’s what this picture is all about — J-Hope carefully touching Suga’s hand and leading him the way.

7. One look is all it takes

You know you’re close friends with someone when all you have to do is point and they already know what you’re asking them to do.

8. Want to win at life?

Look for a close friend who’s willing to concentrate at you and really pay attention to what you’re saying.