8 Events That Made BLACKPINK’s Jennie Legendary For Her Beauty

Bow down to the queen 👑

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is one of the hottest idols right now, and she continues to prove why.

No matter what she does, she always manages to stun people with her beauty and elegance. Here are 8 times she made jaws drop with her beauty…and became a legend in the process!

1. Fansigns

There’s something about the way Jennie treats BLINKs with love and attention that makes her 10 times more beautiful.

Not to mention how effortlessly pretty she always looks at fansigns!


You know you’ve hit “legendary” status when you’re appointed ambassador of CHANEL.

Jennie kills all of her promotional shoots and red carpet events with the brand!

3. Magazines

A proof of Jennie’s popularity is the many magazines she has modeled for.

One word: slay.

4. Performances

Few people deserve the title of “born to be an idol”, but Jennie is one of them.

From singing to rapping to dancing, she’s a master of all!

5. Sprite

When BLACKPINK promoted Sprite in the past, they became a huge topic online.

Their fresh, youthful beauty was highlighted in the event.

6. Airport

Jennie is an absolute queen when it comes to fashion.

One way to tell is through her casual airport fashion, which never fails to become a hot topic of conversation on SNS.

7. Samsung

When Samsung released this promotional video featuring Jennie, fans understandably went wild.

An endless number of people praised her unreal natural beauty.

8. “Ice Cream” Lyric Video

It’s hard to take your eyes off Jennie in BLACKPINK’s lyric video for “Ice Cream”!

She works the camera like she was made for it.

If there’s one reason why Jennie is a legendary K-Pop idol, it’s simply because she has it all. Beautiful on the inside and outside—that’s Jennie!

Source: theqoo


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