8 Extremely Weird Things That Celebrities Do When They Are Home Alone

These idols will make you feel a little better about your own strange living habits.

The popular variety-reality show I Live Alone lets fans see into the homes of various K-Celebs…and their unusual living habits.


1. TVXQ’s Yunho puts on dance shows… for his plushie collection.

In the morning, Yunho starts the day with a hilarious dance session to loosen up his joints…but that is just the opening act!


After he is warmed up, he gathers up his “audience” and gets ready to give them a performance of a lifetime.


When the I Live Alone hosts asked why on earth he dances in front of his stuffed animals, he tried to explain his habit…


…but really, no words can describe this.


Watch Yunho’s full “concert” here!


2. Sung Hoon eats cereal right out of the bag.

Many people enjoy snacking on cereal like chips, but actor Sung Hoon takes this laziness to the next level.


He ate his first serving of cereal out of a bowl, but the bowl just wasn’t big enough for him.


For his second serving, Sung Hoon poured milk right into the cereal bag!


Amazingly, it didn’t leak!


3. Han Hye Jin uses her leg to open her curtains.

No one likes to leave their warm bed in the morning and face the day, and Hye Jin is no exception.


Like a sassy butterfly, she says “FU” to life by kicking open her curtains while still snuggled up in her blanket cocoon.


Check out the full clip here.


4. Super Junior’s Henry rides on a hoverboard while cleaning his home.

Henry is anything but ordinary… just like his cleaning methods!


He turns chores into a game by riding around on his hoverboard!


Watch the full clip to see Henry sweeping in style!


5. Seungri did cross-stitching, while singing to BLACKPINK.

Let it be known that only the manliest of men can embroider birdies onto baby shoes! Seungri’s surprising hobby proves that there is truly no end to his talents.


He prepared the gift for his next-door neighbor’s baby while jamming out to BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah”.


Seungri got a little too into the music though…


…and jabbed himself with a needle!


6. 2PM’s Junho takes selfies with his cat.

Junho makes the cat ladies and cat daddies of the world feel much better about their countless kitty selfies by taking some with his own furbaby. He doesn’t just take snapshots either…


Junho takes time to figure out the layout, camera positioning, and poses…


…then takes the photos using a hidden remote.


See his whole photo-taking process here.


7. Highlight’s Lee Gikwang’s beauty routine is too “cool” to handle.

Gikwang begins his skin routine by opening windows and walking around his cold balcony in his bare feet…


…then he douses his head in cold water!


As if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Gikwang uses toner and cotton pads to make a refrigerated skin mask.


The skin pads are so cold that he has to stop now and then to heat them up with a hairdryer!


See his whole “no pain, no gain” beauty routine here.


8. Kim Seul Gi wakes up like a ghost.

The first thing Seul Gi does when she wakes up is to sit perfectly still with her eyes closed. If anyone were to walk in on this, they might find it a little bit eerie!


She continues her weirdness with some unusual yoga.


See her eccentric wake-up routine here.

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