8 Food-Themed K-Pop MVs That Will Definitely Leave You Snacky

They’re mouthwateringly delicious!

K-Pop is amazing for so many reasons, and one of the best things about K-Pop is the variety of concepts that all groups are always trying! Here are 8 K-Pop MVs that revolve around the theme of food, and are so visually aesthetic, you’ll be reaching for a bite before you know it!

1. “Red Flavor”- Red Velvet

Red Velvet‘s 2017 hit song “Red Flavor” was chock-full of food images; from the group “interviewing” their respective fruits to splashing fruits images all around them, “Red Flavor” has a fun, fruity MV that’s perfectly suited for summer!


2. “Catallena”- Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel, the first subunit of After School, was very famous for their wild concepts and catchy songs, and “Catallena” fall right into their representative song category! The MV for “Catallena” involves the members of the unit dressed up like sushi, with different sorts of food images forming a large part of the MV’s aesthetic appeal!


3. “Candy Pop”- TWICE

“Candy Pop” is a Japanese single by TWICE, release in 2018. The MV is an animated one, and shows the girls in adorable animated forms who live in a candy land. The amount of candy everywhere makes this MV sweet enough to give you a toothache!


4. “#Cookie Jar”- Red Velvet

“#Cookie Jar” is the debut Japanese single by Red Velvet, and part of their debut Japanese album of the same name. The MV is filled with treats everywhere (even in a forest!) and stands testament to Red Velvet’s fun, yet seemingly eerie concept.


5. “Chococo”- gugudan

“Chococo” is a single released by gugudan in 2017 as the title track of their single album titled Act.3 Chococo Factory. The MV features creepy dolls, adorable choreography and lots and lots of chocolate! The girls of gugudan even put on Hershey’s Kisses‘ helmets while singing their catchy song, and look super cute in them!


6. “Ice Cream”- Hyuna

“Ice Cream” is a single released by Hyuna in 2012 as the title track of the mini album Melting. The MV features PSY, and is filled with visuals of ice cream, cotton candy and candy canes, all with a classic sexy Hyuna twist!


7. “Just Right”- GOT7

“Just Right” was released in 2015 by GOT7 as the title track to their third mini album of the same name. The colorful MV shows the members of GOT7 in mini forms, and shows them chilling atop cereal bowls, leaning against creamy rolls and rolling around in M&Ms with big smiles on their faces!


8. “Cooking? Cooking!”- Super Junior-H

“Cooking? Cooking!” is a single released in 2012 by the fourth subunit of Super Junior called Super Junior-H (or Super Junior-Happy). The MV features Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny lead actress, and is chock-filled with a wide range of foods, like mandus, fruits, spaghetti and much more!


Bonus: “Ice Cream Cake”- Red Velvet

“Ice Cream Cake” is a song released by Red Velvet in 2015 as the title track of their first mini album of the same name. The MV is filled with all kinds of sugary drinks and treats, and this list would not be complete without this iconic MV!