8 Haunted K-Pop Locations, And The Idols Who Encountered Ghosts There

#4 gives us the chills!

Many K-Pop groups make reality show appearances where they will go through a haunted house much to the amusement of fans. The jumping and screaming are all in good fun and, most importantly, fake.

Unfortunately, some idols have had to deal with supernatural experiences in their own companies or homes!

Here is a list of some of the most haunted K-Pop locations:

1. WayV’s old dorm/aespa’s (potential) current dorm.

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, recently gave a tour of their dorm space and many fans noticed that the apartment looked extremely similar to WayV‘s old dorm. If the group has moved into WayV’s old dorm, they may have a few paranormal roommates! WayV have had a lot of “incidents” at their dorm including a leaky ceiling and fires, but one thing many fans recalled is that the members believed the dorm was haunted.

2. The Old JYP Entertainment Building

Many JYP Entertainment idols have talked about the creepy experiences they had in the company’s old building. TWICE‘s Sana shared an incident that happened to her when she was a trainee. She thought that she saw her friend in a practice room and thought it was strange she didn’t greet her. When Sana turned around, no one was there!

Sana also mentioned that Momo had an incident the same night! Momo saw an apparition of someone’s lower body sitting in a chair, missing the torso!

2AM‘s JoKwon, Rain, and many other current and former JYPE artists have talked about the ghost that is near a specific set of stairs that causes people to fall!

3. FNC Building

P1Harmony‘s Keeho and Jiung guest hosted on the Daebak Show where they told some of the creepy experiences they have had around the building. Juing talked about seeing the silhouette of a woman twice while Keeho mentioned seeing handprints on the window of a practice room!

4. Mamamoo’s old dorm

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul told the story of a ghost that appeared in the group’s dorm before they moved. According to Moonbyul, the ghost looked exactly like Hwasa! The ghost appeared to her when Hwasa was visiting home so there’s no mistaking she had a paranormal encounter!

JTBC Entertainment/YouTube
JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Solar also had an experience with this Hwasa ghost!

JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

5. RBW Building

Artists under RBW Entertainment have had so many interactions with one of the alleged ghosts that live in the building, she has a name! ONEWE, ONEUS, and Mamamoo have all had incidents with “Minji” and her ghost friends.

ONEUS’ Xion (blue shirt) and Hwanwoong (black shirt) talking about the ghost in the RBW Entertainment building.
Hwanwoong (black shirt) talking about staff seeing the ghost during his trainee days.

Although the members of ONEUS and ONEWE seem to have the most interactions with the ghosts in the building, they’ve made their presence known to others more than once!

6. I-Land dorms

ENHYPEN fans know I-Land as the reality program that created the group. During episode six of I-Land, the trainees insisted they had seen a ghost in the practice room. ENHYPEN’s Jay mentioned that the ghost looked like a person in white.

| MNET/YouTube

The trainees decided that the best method of avoiding the ghost was to do everything together. Jay even attempted a sort of dancing exorcism to try to scare the ghost away.

While all the trainees may not have believed in the ghost really being there, even fans of the show noticed creepy things happening on the many cams during the show!

7. SM Entertainment Practice Rooms

Fans of SM Entertainment groups have probably heard about the infamous practice room ghosts. Members of SHINee, EXO, aespa, f(x), and NCT have talked about hearing or seeing the ghosts!

Early in EXO’s career Baekhyun discussed hearing a ghost while he was alone practicing. 

NCT‘s Ten talked about an experience he had on Instagram live. He explained he heard someone walking behind him but when he turned around to check, no one was there!

F(x)’s Krystal discussed the practice room ghosts with Super Junior‘s Heechul and how she tries to think of ghosts as friends.

8. BTS’ old studio

BTS‘s Jungkook recalled this strange and odd story that took place in 2016. Jungkook had just finished recording a song and was playing it back when they realized all of his parts in the song were gone. Jungkook was confused but began recording his parts again.

They decided to play back the song after a bit of recording and heard a voice during Jungkook’s parts that should have been empty!

Do you have any scary encounters with ghosts?