Here Are 8 Idols Who Are Literal Memes

These idols are ridiculously funny, and we can’t do without them!

All idols are beyond gorgeous. But some idols come coupled with beauty and a fun personality, but most importantly, the innate ability to pull the timeliest of faces…that are then immortalized as iconic memes.

Here are 8 idols who all fans recognize as the quintessential (and quite literal) meme lords at the top of their game!


1. CLC’s Sorn

Just gonna let this picture speak for itself.


Brain: Make a face

Me: But why

Brain: You gotta

Me: Okay I guess


“Wot’s this now”


2. Day6’s Jae

We obviously stan for the visuals.


“You ’bout to catch these hands”


*sobs at ur beautiful*


3. NCT’s Lucas

“I’m kinda hot”


*Justin Beiber is shaking*


“You did WHAT to my food?!!!!1111”


4. EXID’s Hani

“B*tch whatchu say”


When a single deadline you had months to finish comes your way:


“Yes, yes, thank you, I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m very sexy?”


5. GOT7’s Jackson

*too pretty for YOU*


This iconic moment totally speaks for itself.


“Do I really gotta look at u tho”


6. Monsta X’s Hyungwon

“What do you mean I’m a meme”


When you realize you kinda want a life but you gotta leave your room for that:


“Yea no.”



When that good light just hits different:


“B*tch u thought”


*Dad joke energy*


8. Red Velvet’s Wendy

*main vocal high note intensifies*


When you see your grades falling:


She’s too pure for this world!