GOT7 Jackson’s Reaction To JYP And Hwasa’s Performance Is Priceless

Jackson never ceases to fail us with his reactions.

GOT7 attended the 2019 Mnet Asia Music Awards and did not disappoint with their reactions for the performances. As soon as Park Jin Young and MAMAMOO hit the stage for their collaboration, GOT7 were up and out of their seats ready to groove along with their agency’s CEO.

Hwasa and Park Jin Young wore the iconic plastic pants that became a trend by Park Jin Young himself. Jackson had the perfect reaction ready for when Hwasa sat on Park Jin Young’s lap as part of the performance.



Here’s another priceless reaction of Jackson (and BamBam) to JYP’s new song, “Fever.”



…and because we all know we want to see it one more time, here’s a quick compilation of all of Jackson’s reactions from the 2019 MAMA.



In case you missed it, here’s the full video to GOT7’s red carpet and performance!




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