8 Idols Who Are Slaying The Cowboy Hat Trend Of 2020

Cowboy hats never looked as good as they do on these eight idols.

Despite having less than a few months remaining of 2020, there’s a trend that everyone’s been noticing among K-Pop idols lately. The year has been full of both female and male idols rocking cowboy hats.

Though the accessory typically looks plain, they’ve all managed to put their own twist on the look to make it chic. Here are eight idols who are making cowboy hats look better than ever.

1. TXT’s Yeonjun

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

In TXT’s most recent teaser for their comeback “Blue Hour”, Yeonjun took over Twitter with his pink and blond mullet that was complemented by his black cowboy hat. The dark color of the hat and his shirt made his hair stand out even more, giving him a powerful yet striking aura.

2. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

For (G)I-DLE’s current comeback with “DUMDi DUMDi”, Yuqi turned heads with her bohemian style clothing paired with a neutral-coloured cowboy hat. The fringe on her jacket and the strings of beads in her hair made the hat pop.

3. SHINee/SuperM’s Taemin

In teaser photos and the music video for SuperM’s track “100” from their full-length album Super One, Taemin wore a simple white cowboy hat with an elegant strip around it. His white suit and dress shoes took the look over the top. Taemin can truly pull off any look.

4. LOONA’s Yves

In a teaser photo for LOONA’s upcoming album [12:00] to be released on October 19, Yves rocked a neutral brown hat that was similar to the one worn by Yuqi. Even so, their styles were completely different. With short hair and minimal accessories, Yves gave off the image of natural elegance.

5. NCT’s Johnny

For NCT’s album RESONANCE, Pt. 1, Johnny went full force and covered all the bases for a cowboy look. From the hat, brown boots, and full suit, he showed everyone what a sexy cowboy looked like in 2020. The studs on the jacket and thick chains around his neck kept him from looking anything but plain.

6. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

During MONSTA X’s promotions for their title track “FANTASIA”, Joohoney did the same as Johnny and updated the traditional cowboy look. Wearing a knit, white hat, statement vest, and fitted leather pants, he was serving chic cowboy. The unique buckle on his belt and the bohemian accessories only made it more stylish.

7. ITZY’s Ryujin

| Melon

For ITZY’s “Not Shy” comeback from their album of the same name, Ryujin was the cowgirl of everyone’s dreams. The hat alone is one of a kind, with its beautiful crystals hanging around the brim. With her flowy shirt and pearl jewelry, Ryujin looked absolutely stunning.

Yet, the spiked necklace and huge belt buckle gave the look a bit of strength. The whole look was the perfect balance for a cowgirl that’s ready for a shootout but will look beautiful doing it.

8. ONF’s E-Tion

| @WM_ONOFF/Twitter

While ONF’s Hyojin rocked the cowboy look in their title track “Sukhumvit Swimming”, E-Tion showed a casual way to make the look effortless. With a dark cowboy hat paired with a tribal-inspired shirt, it was an outfit that anyone could see themselves wearing. His silver jewelry and feather necklace topped it off perfectly for a modern twist.