8 Idols That Stood Up For The LGBTQ+ Community

Love is love.

There are lots of idols in the industry who always stand up for what’s right! Here are 8 idols who stood up against the discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community, and also voiced their support for them!


1) Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon is a proud ally!

For the MV filming of their Japanese single “Love and Girls”, Girls Generation danced and filmed alongside drag queens, who Taeyeon became fast friends with!


Upon posting pictures with them, however, netizens took to quick judgement about Taeyeon supporting the community, and began to shade the drag queens, especially because in one picture, they had posed with their middle fingers in the air.


Taeyeon quickly stood up for them, saying,

I asked him to do a ‘bad and wild atmosphere’ pose and that’s what he did. They’re not bad people. They made the music video set really fun. Because of them, we were able to film as we had fun.



After her support for them, she has been a public ally of the community ever since!



MAMAMOO have been very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community for a long while!

The group has shown their support by performing at Lezhin, an LGBTQ+ event in 2017:


Their most recent show of support has been through their “Hip” MV, where Solar took on the persona of a rockstar, performing with drag queens, headbanging in her element!


3) Super Junior’s Heechul

Throughout his career, there have been lots of rumors about Super Junior’s Heechul being gay. He has almost always avoided the question when asked, until he finally addressed it in during an episode of Happy Together in 2017. He said,


I’m not gay. I like women. But I realized that if I say I’m not and vehemently deny it, it’s rude and hurtful to people who are actually gay. It’s just a matter of preference, and it’s just that everyone is different with different values.

I decided I don’t care even if people who have prejudices about me think that way.



You can watch the video here:


4) Shinee’s Jonghyun

SHINee‘s Jonghyun was very famous among fans for his continuous support of the LGBTQ+ community! One instance was when film director Kim-Jho Gwangsoo and his same-sex partner Kim Seunghwan were fighting for the legalization of their marriage. A trans student named Kang Eun Ha uploaded a picture of a hand-written poster, where she condemned South Korea’s discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

Jonghyun later changed his profile picture on Twitter to that of the poster, and personally reached out to the student to show his support for the fight against the discrimination.


5) BTS’s RM

BTS‘s RM is another proud ally!

An instance of him standing up for the LGBTQ+ community is this tweet he posted in 2013, where he recommended the song ‘Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. He stated that he originally listened to the song without understanding the lyrics, but after finding out about its homosexuality themes, he’s grown to love the song even more.

Rap Monster. This is a song about homosexuality. You can listen to the lyrics without knowing the lyrics, but its twice as good as you listen to the lyrics. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-Same Love is recommended.



6) Sunmi

During the Europe leg of her 2019 Warning World Tour, Sunmi proudly stood up for the LGBTQ+ community countless times!

On instance is during her Amsterdam show, where fans asked her to describe her many sides. She responded by saying that she’s dorky, and…an LGBT Queen. Many fans immediately took that to mean that she had just come out, but Sunmi later took to Twitter to confirm that while she supports the community, she’s does not identify as a part of it!



TWICE has shown that they support the LGBTQ+ community many times!


Along with constantly recommending movies with strong LGBTQ+ inclined themes, they have publicly also stated their support for the community! One instance is when TWICE’s Sana and Momo were recording an interview with ARRAN and the group SBGB. In the interview, ARRAN brought up the topic of love, where she said,

Love isn’t only between a man and a woman, right?



And both Sana and Momo could be heard agreeing with her loud and clear in the background!


8) Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights for a long while! While still in Korea, she publicly voiced her support for the Seoul Pride Parade, and in 2018, penned a love letter for the community through Billboard during Pride Month.

You can watch Billboard recite her letter here!