Fans Think Sunmi Just Came Out As LGBT Due To Viral Video From Her Recent Concert

Sunmi talked about the LGBT side of herself.

Sunmi has sparked joy in her LGBT fans across the world with her celebrations of pride during her concert at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam.

After seeing a fan holding a pride flag in the front row, Sunmi reached over and grabbed the flag and exclaimed “Happy Pride!” much to the joy of the crowd.

She continued on, talking about the different sides of herself.

Yeah. I have many different sides of myself. Like dorky and LGBT queen! And a bright side of me and a dark side of me, yeah. There are sides of me I know very well, like I just said. And sometimes there are times when I don’t know myself well. So sometimes I wonder other things about me.

– Sunmi

Some fans believe this is Sunmi coming out as LGBT but others believe she was just showing her support for the LGBT community.

Interestingly, Sunmi also displayed a picture of LOONA’s Yves to the crowd after a fan handed her the picture.