Sunmi Couldn’t Hide Her Soft Spot For Her Favorite LE SSERAFIM Member

She couldn’t take their cuteness 😆

While filming Showterview with Sunmi, the former Wonder Girls member and successful solo artist Sunmi had a chance to meet most of the members of HYBE‘s girl group LE SSERAFIM.

LE SSERAFIM while filming “Showterview with Sunmi.” | @le_sserafim/Twitter

In the process, Sunmi recently revealed that one of the members had become her favorite.


When reuniting with Hong Eunchae for her web series Eunchae’s Star Diary, she and Sunmi caused a humorous moment because of their large difference in experience as K-Pop idols. They followed it up with a moment that pulled on viewers’ heartstrings.

Looking back on their first meeting, Sunmi shared her love for all the LE SSERAFIM members but revealed there was one who immediately caught her eye.

Sunmi had a soft spot for the group’s maknae (youngest member). She said, “Eunchae was noticeable for me. You caught my eye.” Naturally, Eunchae wondered why.

The veteran singer couldn’t get enough of Eunchae’s baby-like visuals. Sunmi said, “‘Cause she’s really a baby.

Sunmi adored “Eunchae’s baby features” so much that she nearly wanted to pinch her cheeks.

While Sunmi loves all of the fierce LE SSERAFIM members, she can’t resist the cute charms of the group’s youngest member.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

See Sunmi’s sweet reaction to reuniting with her favorite LE SSERAFIM member.