Smile, You’re On Camera! 8 Idols And Their Surprise Cameos On Street-View Maps

Street casting? No no, it’s street viewing.

While the primary function of map applications is to find your way around, some Korean netizens have turned them into a place to go idol spotting. These 8 K-Pop stars were all unexpectedly seen on the Street View platforms of Google Maps, Naver Maps, and Kakao Maps.

1. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Look outside the Pledis Entertainment building on Google Maps and you’ll find a SEVENTEEN member casually taking a trip outside. While fans have debated over exactly which member this is, with suggestions including Hoshi and Dino, the star’s distinct style has most people assuming this is Vernon.

| Google Maps

2. Ryujin (ITZY)

When one fan claimed they spotted Ryujin on Google Maps in a snapshot from May 2018, many ITZY fans weren’t so sure. However, after some sleuthing, fans realized the Ryujin still owns the same jacket to this day, so it’s most likely her. She was spotted near the former JYP Entertainment building.

| Google Maps

3. Chuu (formerly of LOONA)

While it’s difficult to tell from the back, Orbits are convinced this girl walking past the BlockBerry Creative building on Google Maps is none other than Chuu. According to fans, the curler in the girl’s bangs and the washed-out red hair dye are sure signs that it’s her.

| Google Maps

4. Heechul (Super Junior)

Fans were surprised back in 2015 when Super Junior’s Heechul suddenly appeared on Naver Maps Street View on Jeju Island. However, it was later revealed that he was shooting for OliveTV‘s MAPS, where he and Simon D shot photos for Naver Maps themselves.

| Naver Maps

5. Daeyeol (Golden Child)

Several Golden Child members took a trip through their memories of youth on Kakao Maps, looking at their past places of interest. When they took a look at their old dorm, they managed to spot Daeyeol himself in a snapshot from 2012.

| MOMO X/YouTube

6. Choa (formerly of AOA)

When one Korean AOA fan was searching for Burger King on Daum Maps— now Kakao Maps —they got more than they bargained for. Outside Burger King, Choa was visible posing for a photoshoot with a bicycle.

| Kakao Maps

7. Changsub (BTOB)

While taking a peek at the Cube Entertainment building on Daum Maps, a netizen spotted BTOB’s Changsub using the intercom outside. When asked if he knew he was on the app’s Street View, Changsub revealed he hadn’t seen it before but that it made him “feel good” to be immortalized there.

| Kakao Maps

8. Shinwon (PENTAGON)

Last but not least, Shinwon from Pentagon couldn’t contain his laughter when he found out fans recognized him on Street View because of an outfit they saw him wear in a 2017 fansite preview.

| Google Maps
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