8 Idols Whose Baby Faces Don’t Match Their Ripped Bodies

#6 is so adorable, we had no idea how muscular he actually is.

These male idols have the cutest, squishiest faces. When they lift up their shirts, however, it’s a whole different story. These idols are confusing the hell out of us with their reversal charms… but we can’t complain.

1. Park Jihoon

Aww, look at Jihoon‘s apple hair! What a cutie.

Umm, excuse me? I’m not sure this is the same person.

2. Jimin (BTS)

From the neck up, Jimin‘s just a little mochi.

…But things start to get wild when the shirt comes off.

3. Woojin (AB6IX)

Woojin‘s chubby cheeks give him a baby-ish look. It’s so adorable, it hurts our hearts just a little.

“I don’t know who this man is…I’m sorry to this man.” – Keke Palmer (and us after seeing Woojin’s body).

4. Jaehyun (NCT)

Jaehyun‘s eye smile can make all the stars in the sky jealous.

His body, however, is a whole different story.


5. Mingi (ATEEZ)

Mingi‘s softness is unmatched in his circular glasses and pouty selfie.

Meanwhile, he becomes a beast on stage.

6. Sungwoon

Sungwoon‘s cutie visuals, from his puffy lips to his porcelain skin, are absolutely doll-like.

WOAH. Sorry, I got scared for a moment there.

7. Shownu (MONSTA X)

Only looking at Shownu‘s face might make you think he’s quite smol.

In reality, Shownu is totally ripped.

8. Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun is so cute, he’s said to resemble a puppy. We see it.

I’m not so sure this is the same Golden Retriever puppy we were just talking about.