8 Interesting K-Pop Idol Stage Names And Their Meanings

Idols can sometimes have unique names.

K-Pop is known for creating unique and sometimes bizarre names for idol members aside from the usual Korean names. Although some sound cool, there are many names that are quite…interesting. I guess they’ve succeeded in having people remember the name though!

1. Baby Soul

Lovelyz’ member Baby Soul has an interesting stage name and people are often curious as to how that name came about. Reportedly, the CEO told her that this would be her name from now on and fans guessed that it was from the name of a pet in a game called Laghaim.

2. BM

KARD BM’s name stands for “Big Matthew” which is actually quite simple compared to what others thought it would stand for. Many people have joked around giving different meanings to the acronym including Bro Machine, Biscuit Maker, and Bad Manners.

3. Umji

Gfriend Umji’s name means “thumb” in Korean and fans found it strange to use that as a stage name. It could be that because she is the maknae of the group, the thumb represents her as being the youngest.

4. High.D

SONAMOO High.D’s name is a sort of vocal pun because she is the main vocalist of the group. A high D in music would be a D5. The pronunciation of High.D also sounds like the name Heidi as well.

5. Castle J

MCND’s Castle J came up with stage name in a very easy way. His Korean name is Son Sung Joon, so he took the meaning of “Sung” which means “castle” and “J” from the first letter of the last part of his name “Joon.”

6. The8

SEVENTEEN The8’s stage name shows that if the eight is laid horizontally, it becomes the infinity sign. The number eight is also considered a lucky number in China.

7. Bambam

GOT7 BamBam’s name was named after the Flintstone’s character with the name. His grandmother loved the cartoon and the character BamBam was a small yet strong baby that could even lift a car.

8. Feeldog

Former Big Star member Feeldog’s name was given to him by a mentor who felt that when he dances he gives off a “good feel.” The name has a double meaning in that in Korean, ‘필독’ (pil-dok) means something that must be read.

What are some interesting K-Pop idol names that you know of?