8 K-Pop Groups Whose MVs Were Inspired By The Fairy Tale Of “Alice In Wonderland”

The mystical qualities of the much-loved ‘Alice In Wonderland” are all present in these MVs!

K-Pop groups are always exciting fans with their new concepts each comeback, and many derive their inspirations from a ton of other places! One of their popular sources seem to be fairy tales, and they cleverly weave their songs into the fairy tale aesthetic of their MV! Here are 8 K-Pop groups and soloists whose music videos were inspired by the fairy tale of Alice In Wonderland, and the MVs are one visual feast!

1. “Twenty-three” – IU

“Twenty-three” is the title track from IU‘s 2015 mini-album title CHAT-SHIRE. The music video features IU as Alice, following an animated rabbit down a series of scenarios- down a rabbit hole, of course!


2. “Closer”- Oh My Girl

“Closer” is the title track of Oh My Girl‘s second mini-album of the same name released in 2015. The MV is a mystical, fantasy influenced one, and derives major inspiration from fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood and Alice In Wonderland!


3. “Turtle”- Davichi

“Turtle” is a track from Davichi‘s second full album titled Mystic Ballad, released in 2013. “Turtle” was released two weeks before the album as a pre-released single, and knocked fans off their feet with its wondrous Alice in Wonderland concept!


4. “Bounce”- Boyfriend

“Bounce” is the title track of Boyfriend‘s fourth mini-album titled Boyfriend in Wonderland, released in 2015. The MV follows a mystical theme infused with the fantastical elements of Alice In Wonderland, making it a treat for the eyes!


5. “A-ing”- Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel, a subunit of After School, released “A-ing” in 2010 as the title track of their second mini-album titled The Second Mini-Album. The subunit became famous for their bold and wild concepts, but before that, were equally loved for their fantasy concepts as well! The MV for “A-ing” was deeply influenced by Alice In Wonderland: set, outfits and more!

6. “Summer Dream”- Elris

Elris released “Summer Dream” in 2018 as the title track of their third mini-album of the same name. Along with the original MV, Elris also released an Alice In Wonderland version of the song, and fans loved the visuals!


7. “My House”- 2PM

“My House” is the title track of 2PM‘s fifth full-album titled No.5, released in 2015. The MV references multiple fairy tales, with Alice In Wonderland being just one fairy tale in this fantastical masterpiece!


8. “Miro”- Romeo

“Miro” is the title track from Romeo‘s third mini-album of the same name, released in 2016. The groups took on an Alice In Wonderland concept for this comeback, and wowed fans with the choreography and MV set! And as a bonus, fans were also delighted to see SHINee‘s Minho featured in the MV!