8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Underrated For Their Massive Stage Presence

You won’t be able to look away from them.

Although many K-Pop idols are excellent performers, not all of them have a powerful presence that immediately draws you in and never lets your attention sway anywhere else. Here are eight idols who are underrated for their ability to capture and keep audiences’ attention with their massive stage presence.

1. Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

Though Siyeon is known for her powerhouse vocals, her ability to make every concept come to life on stage creates a stage presence no one can deny. Her blend of charisma and performance skills will guarantee you’ll keep your eyes on her to see what she does next.


2. ONEUS’s Hwanwoong

Whether Hwanwoong’s dancing gracefully or powerfully, his moves are a pleasure to watch and are taken over the top with facial expressions that won’t let you look elsewhere.


3. KARD’s Jiwoo

From sporting wild hair colors to wearing the edgiest outfits, Jiwoo isn’t afraid to lean into her badass stage persona. While her bold style could easily overwhelm other idols, that isn’t the case for Jiwoo, who has a powerful stage presence that holds your attention hostage.


4. ENHYPEN’s Jake

Despite having less than a year of training, Jake proves he was born to be a performer whenever he steps on stage. The perfect balance of his charisma, spot-on facial expressions, and smooth dancing create a unique presence that’ll make you want to keep your eyes on him as he becomes the idol he was born to be.


5. CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun

Whether CRAVITY takes on a fun or charismatic concept, Hyeongjun has such a versatile presence that he can quickly adapt and capture anyone’s attention with his cute mannerisms or sharp gaze.


6. VERIVERY’s Yongseung

Since VERIVERY is known for their synchronized and sharp dancing, it’s only natural that main dancer Yongseung would steal the show. He has such a strong presence that he can easily become a whole new person on stage.


7. NCT 127/NCT DREAM’s Haechan

Because NCT has so many talented members, some don’t get as much shine as they deserve. Haechan is one of those members, always leaving fans impressed by his strong stage presence, especially when he performs live.



Between her strong vocals, sharp dancing, and facial expressions, Mia has such a powerful presence that no one can look away when she hits the stage. In fact, she’s constantly praised for her strong presence.