8 Languages The NCT Members Can Speak Fluently

They speak more languages than you’d expect.

With twenty-three members from countries around the world, NCT has so many cultures packed into one group. Naturally, such a global group speaks many different languages. Here are eight the members are fluent in.

NCT 2021 | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

1. Korean

Whether they’re native speakers or building up their knowledge, all of the NCT members have skills in speaking Korean to easily communicate with each other and navigate the entertainment industry.

NCT 2020 | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

2. Mandarin

Although WayV is the group’s Chinese unit, the seven of them aren’t the only NCT members that can speak Mandarin. NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and Renjun are also fluent in the language as native speakers as well.

Yangyang and Renjun. | Weibo

3. English

While many of the NCT members have varying skills in speaking English, some are more fluent than others. Native English speakers Mark and Johnny can easily chat with Jaehyun, Yangyang, and Hendery.

Hendery and Johnny.

4. Japanese

As the only NCT members that are from Japan, Yuta and Shotaro not only chat with each other in Japanese but also help the other members improve the skills they already have from promoting their Japanese albums.

Yuta and Shotaro. | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

5. Cantonese

With Lucas being born in Hong Kong, Hendery in Macau, and Xiaojun in Guangdong, the three members speak the common main language of those areas: Cantonese.

Lucas and Xiaojun. | Weibo

6. Thai

Born in Thailand, Ten is a native Thai speaker, even making a special Thai version of NCT U‘s “Baby Don’t Stop” for fans. Although Lucas isn’t fluent in the language, he’s half Thai and can use conversational phrases as well.

Ten | Weibo

7. German

After studying abroad in Germany for six years, Yangyang has a solid grasp of German. Native German speakers have praised him for having perfect pronunciation, though he may make mistakes every now and then since he’s still improving.

| Weibo

8. Wenzhounese

Winwin speaks what is said to be one of the hardest Chinese dialects to learn, Wenzhounese, which he mostly speaks with his family because it’s rarely spoken outside the city of Wenzhou, China. Even the WayV members can’t understand Winwin when he speaks it.