These 5+ Male Idols Are Also Heavy Drinkers Who Can Really Hold Their Liquor

Cheers?! 🍻

Being from the land of soju… and chimaek and makgeoli and all, Koreans — including K-Pop stars — really have their ways with alcohol. And when done responsibly, sharing a drink or two (or ten) can be good stress relief! Here are 8 male idols, known to be heavy drinkers who can really, really hold their liquor well. Cheers!

8. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun (left) with Heechul (right)

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is well known for his love for a good drink. He is easily the heaviest drinker among his fellow Super Junior teammates. Endearingly nicknamed a “Cho-runkard” for his excessive love of alcohol, Kyuhyun is always the last to leave a company dinner serving free booze!

7. BTOB’s Im Hyunsik

Im Hyunsik is BTOB’s best drinker for sure. He once shared on a television program that he can drink at least three bottles of soju on his own — without feeling even a little bit buzzed! Though he has never really pushed himself to “see his limit”, he claimed it’s not out of the ordinary for him to be the last one standing when he goes out drinking.

6. SHINee’s Onew

SHINee’s Onew may look like a total softie who’ll pass out at the scent of alcohol… but don’t be fooled! He can singlehandedly clear five bottles of soju by himself, no problem! He and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun make fantastic drinking buddies, being agency-mates and industry sunbae-hoobaes — and on many occasions, the two go drinking together.

5. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is a big fan of drinking too. He “craves” drinks regularly — because not only does he like it, but he can also handle it. He even has a secret so-maek (soju mixed with beer) recipe, said to be quite the magic flavor. According to Kang Daniel himself, he can finish a good five to six bottles of soju on his own.

4. Block B’s P.O

Block B’s P.O (far right) with Block B members

Block B’s P.O may be the youngest from the group — but he can outdrink all his hyungs. He once revealed on a live broadcast that he can drink up to seven bottles of soju! To add, P.O is actually more well known for his “cute” drunk habit. Legends have it that when drunk, he turns into a monster aegyo machine that gives out free smooches.

3. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

Well, if the qualities of being a leader includes being the best drinker in the group, then SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups is nailing his position. On good days, S.Coups can handle as many as ten bottles of soju on his own. Even on bad days though, he can still drink three bottles — which is a lot more than the average.

2. TEEN TOP’s Chunji

TEEN TOP’s Chunji has never been shy of sharing his love for all kinds of alcohol. At fan meetings, Chunji shared with his fans that he likes to fancy up his meal time with a drink or two. That being said, when he’s out to really party, he can drink five to ten bottles of soju by himself. Did he put the top in TEEN TOP? Possibly.

1. EXO’s Xiumin

Finally, K-Pop land’s heaviest drinker is EXO’s Xiumin! Alongside his SM Entertainment drinkers, Kyuhyun and Onew, Xiumin can really hold his liquor. Though he has never revealed just how many bottles he can take, he can “match” anyone who goes out drinking with him. No iron stomach has been able to outdrink him… yet!

Source: Naver Post