Something About These 8 Male Idol Faces Makes Us Scream “You’re Hired”

Reporting to work wouldn’t be so bad, huh?

No, employers should not be hiring workers solely for their looks. But, had it been left for us to choose, we’d hire these male idols without even thinking a second more about it — based on their most outstanding and impressive experiences of being handsome AF. Maybe it’s in the way they smile, maybe it’s in the way they speak. We’re not sure what it is, but they definitely have the charm to keep us intrigued. Here are 8 male idols, selected by Korean netizens, to glow in that magical “Automatic Hire” kind of visual.


1. BTS’s Jin

Did… did he just blow us a kiss? He’s hired.


2. EXO’s Suho

In fact, Suho probably doesn’t need to interview because he looks like he’s about to inherit the company.


3. Park Bo Gum

Imagine Park Bo Gum walking through the doors at a job interview. Why wouldn’t we be interested?


4. Im Si Wan

If this isn’t one of the most “Ideal Candidate” faces!


5. SHINee’s Minho

We’d say yes before he even sat down in a chair. Any objections? Didn’t think so!


6. Eric Nam

It should be enforced by law for every workplace to be provided with an Eric Nam. Why isn’t that a thing yet?


7. Lee Seung Gi

Something about this face screams responsible and reliable. That’s a solid yes from us.


8. Jung Hae In

We’re hiring! — Jung Hae In enters the chat — Aaaaand we’re done hiring, thank you very much!

Source: THEQOO
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