8 Male K-Pop Idols Who Rocked A Skirt Like Nobody’s Business

Some groups as a whole made it to the list!

K-Pop and fashion are two inseparable entities today, with idols often leading trends instead of following them. Though the global expansion of the industry has amplified the influence of K-Pop artists in the field of fashion, the world still struggles to keep up.

While globally, male popstars that embraced typically “feminine” pieces of clothing are still rare, in South Korea, male idols have rocked clothing articles like skirts for years. Here are eight such artists for some genderless styling inspo for men:

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

As one of the pioneering figures who bridged the worlds of K-Pop and high fashion, it is no surprise that G-Dragon was one of the first male idols to embrace skirts, be it photoshoots or live performances.

G-Dragon in a skirt for Harper’s Bazaar
The BIGBANG member rocked a skirt made out of zippers for a live performance

2. BTS

Almost every member of the global phenomenon called BTS has rocked a skirt at one point in their career. Some wore it for photoshoots,

BTS’s Suga

while others incorporated it into their daily outfits!


3. GOT7 Mark

Mark has often shown a penchant for skirts in his photoshoots of late. Be it a short skirt or a full-length one, the man really knows how to own a piece!

4. GOT7 Yugyeom

Another GOT7 member who has effortlessly incorporated skirts into his styling is Yugyeom. He even committed to the whole bit, jumping and twirling around, breaking one toxic masculinity trait after another!

Yugyeom of GOT7

5. EXO Sehun

Sehun‘s love for wearing skirts is no news for fans. Even with his muscular build, the EXO maknae can rock a mean skirt and has done so for multiple magazine shoots, much to the delight of fans.

Sehun for L’Officiel HOMMES
Sehun for DAZED Korea

6. SHINee’s Taemin

There is no doubt that Taemin is a pathbreaker in terms of all his artistry. That includes his music, dance, and fashion. While he is a veteran in the skirt-wearing business, he has also effortlessly rocked other “feminine” clothing, including sports bras, stalkings, and crop tops.

7. SHINee’s Key

Key is another SHINee member known for his penchant for shattering gender norms. So, it is no surprise that among his many talents, he can also serve immaculately in a skirt.

SHINee’s Key

8. TXT

Following the path of BTS, all the members of TXT have shown their appreciation for skirts in varying degrees. However, The most frequent wearer of all five members has to be Yeonjun.



| Billboard
TXT’s Yeonjun | @yawnzzn/Instagram

Though this specific list concludes here, many more male idols have shattered gendered clothing norms, rocking skirts on and off stage. Some honorary mentions would include A.C.E‘s Jun and Donghun,

A.C.E Jun | Beat Interactive
A.C.E Donghun | Beat Interactive

ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong,

Hongjopong of ATEEZ

and NCT 127.

NCT 127 | @Mst_com/Twitter