8 Moments When BTS’s Suga Shows His Poker Face, As Caught On Camera

The host couldn’t help but change the conversation when Suga looked at him in #5.

BTS‘s Suga can be a little ball of sunshine sometimes when he flashes his gummy smile, but if he’s not in the mood to take part at the other member’s jokes, he simply shows his poker face to end the conversation.

If you want to learn how you can do this, too, here are nine moments when Suga absolutely showed his “poker face” powers on camera.

1. When the members tried to call him in an informal manner…

…he didn’t react and just let his poker face, even with his back turned to them, do the work.

2. Jimin knew exactly how it would play out

Jimin wanted to approach Suga to film him — he knew what would happen, but he took his shot…

…and he failed hilariously.

3. Remember when no one wanted to die?

Every BTS member was waiting for someone else to take one for the team and tease Suga…

…but no one, and we mean no one, wanted to experience an early death.

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh to shake the awkwardness off. Best part of this moment is definitely Suga’s poker face all throughout the whole ordeal.

4. His hands say “uwu” but his face says “get away from me”

5. The host expected Suga to laugh at his joke…

…but he was just met with a cold stare and a poker face that prompted him to change the conversation.

6. Remember when he put on Chimmy’s costume?

He looked so neutral and poker-faced that RM couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

He didn’t even have the energy to act cute while shooting.

7. The way he reacts to Jin’s jokes are always iconic

8. When no one was successful in making him laugh

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