8 Moments That Prove TWICE’s Jihyo Is Both Cute And Sexy

She’s the perfect combo of cute and sexy!

TWICE‘s Jihyo says she’s far from sexy, and we have to disagree!

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

While playing a balance game during an ASMR interview, Jihyo was asked if she thinks she’s cute or sexy. Jihyo chose cute and said she’s “really far from being sexy.” 

Here are 8 moments that prove Jihyo is both cute and sexy!

1. When she adorably celebrated after making a basketball goal during a photoshoot

While doing a sports-inspired look for her Yes, I am Jihyo. photobook, Jihyo cheered herself on after making a goal and wowed ONCE with her cuteness!

| TWICE/YouTube

 2. When she looked like a sexy beach goddess during the same photoshoot

How did she go from adorable basketball player to hottie so fast?

| TWICE/YouTube

 3. When she did her own cute version of Momo’s dance break in “Likey” and couldn’t stop laughing

Even the other TWICE members were in awe of her cuteness!

| K Shout Out/YouTube

 4. When she was the very definition of sultry during her Performance Project

With her cover of Camila Cabello and Grey‘s “Crown,” Jihyo proved she owns sexy concepts!

| TWICE/YouTube

 5. When it took her basically .001 seconds to go from cute to sexy during a “Fancy” performance

Fans are still talking about her duality during this performance!

| @monjudalji/Twitter

 6. When she showed off her signature powerful dance moves during a performance of “Perfect World”

We are forever in awe of Jihyo’s power!

| TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube

7.  When her cute side came out while she played with slime

Her adorable smile definitely had ONCEs everywhere saying “aww.”

| TWICE/YouTube

 8.When she transformed into a sexy bartender on the set of the “Alchohol-Free” music video

Honestly, we will go to any bar where Jihyo’s serving drinks!

| TWICE/YouTube