These 8 Precious Moments When BTS’s Suga Showed His Introverted Side Will Have You Asking “Is That Me?”

You know you’re a true introvert when you’ve already done what Suga did at #6, too.

BTS and ARMYs alike love joking about how savage Suga is, but the truth is, he’s actually a caring hyung to his members and he loves giving them gifts and love letters when he’s in the mood for it.

Sometimes, though, Suga’s introverted nature just loves to come out — even when they’re on camera.

During these times, all he wants to do is to be by himself so he can recharge and gain energy once again.

Here are eight precious moments when BTS’s Suga’s introverted nature can be seen. Introverts, unite (at the comfort of our own homes, of course)!

1. The first thing he does when he arrives

If you ever find yourself wanting to sleep at the hotel room after travelling, you’re not alone.

2. Don’t ask Suga if you don’t want to hear the truth

Since an introvert needs alone time in order to recharge and gain energy, Suga’s answer makes perfect sense.

3. It’s a good thing J-Hope is his best friend

One of the reasons why ARMYs love the friendship between J-Hope and Suga is because they’re polar opposites: J-Hope is obviously an extrovert and Suga’s a true-blue introvert.

Their friendship works because J-Hope understands Suga perfectly and simply lets him be.

4. Honestly, same

Why would you want to hang out with celebrities when you can just hang out at the comforts of your dressing room? Imagine all the sleep you can sneak in!

5. Suga sneakily finding ways to lie down, even during broadcast

6. Turn the party down

Sometimes, Suga can’t help but simply enjoy the show while other BTS members are partying and goofing around.

When you see him like this, it’s either he needs his favorite iced americano, or he needs to sleep already.

7. It’s wine o’clock somewhere, so why not?

While his friends are busy enjoying the pool and showing off their diving skills…

…Suga can be found sitting by the pool and sipping red wine — and it’s perfectly fine! You can see how contented and happy he looks like.

8. Remember when he got too real on camera?

He mentioned that he doesn’t really go out that much since he doesn’t like meeting new people.

His members were a bit worried that he would just bare it all on camera, so they gracefully ended his portion with a joke.

Suga is truly one of BTS’s most relatable members. In the next article, he shows just how much he loves coffee. See below:

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