9 Moments When BTS’s Suga Shows Just How Much He Absolutely Needs Coffee In His Life, That’ll Make You Say “Same”

Can you believe he did #4 on camera, just because he wanted to drink coffee?

BTS‘s Suga proves once again how relatable AF he is every time he shows his genuine love for coffee.

Don’t be fooled by the photo-shoot pose above, though, BTS’s rapper’s favorite type of coffee is actually iced americano.

The group’s leader RM even revealed that one of the best ways to annoy Suga is to not let him drink his favorite beverage — that’s how much he loves it!

And if Yoongi smiling while drinking his favorite comfort coffee isn’t enough to convince you of his love for coffee, maybe these nine moments described below will?

Here are nine moments when Suga expressed his love for coffee — as caught on camera:

1. For Suga, coffee = happiness

Suga is a simple man: as long as he drinks his iced americano when he wakes up, he’s satisfied.

Even though he knows that drinking coffee on an empty stomach isn’t good for him, he does it anyway because it’s what he considers as his ultimate happiness.

2. It’s a must-have

Forget about old-fashioned water — coffee is the way to go!

3. He loves it so much, he doesn’t want to share…

You can see him resisting J-Hope‘s request to take a sip, but in the end, he couldn’t refuse.

4. …but when others have it, sharing is a good thing for him

It’s a good thing that he shared his coffee with J-Hope in the past, so when the time came for him to ask for a sip, J-Hope willingly gave him his coffee.

He didn’t care that it wasn’t iced — what was important to him was to drink coffee immediately.

When Hoseok told him that he put his whole mouth on the bottle, he didn’t know how to apologize so he just said “I love you” to him.

5. It’s the perfect accessory to complete his airport fashion

6. RM knows, even when Suga doesn’t let his caffeine addiction show

Even though Suga didn’t raise his hand, RM included him in the “I want coffee” list because he knows just how much Suga loves his cup of joe.

7. Tall isn’t enough for him

Why get a small size when medium is available, after all!

8. What drink should you have when you’re freezing cold?

Coffee, apparently, according to Yoongi.

9. This is a rare picture of awake Yoongi who’s strutting like he owns the place because he’s full of confidence and caffeine

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