8 Relatable Moments When BTS’s Jungkook Obviously Enjoyed The Scent Of J-Hope And V, As You Can See From His Satisfied Face

Jungkook really went all out at sniffing them, especially at #3 and #8.

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s personality type is an introvert, so this means that he needs more time for himself so he can recharge his energy.

Because of his introverted nature, Jungkook also is a man of few words.

Instead of expressing how he feels like with words, Jungkook prefers to display his affection through actions.

This is evident, especially when he likes something.

Take the scent of and J-Hope, for example.

Jungkook didn’t say that he likes sniffing them or smelling their scent…

…but these eight moments that are captured on camera clearly show just how much he enjoys doing so! Check them out today and live your life vicariously through Jungkook.

1. He likes smelling it because he likes the scent, of course

He even closed his eyes for a bit in order to savor V’s scent.

2. Come on closer

Jungkook placed his nose exactly by J-Hope’s neck so that he could enjoy J-Hope’s sweet smell.

3. “Okay, Jungkook, be cool, do it discreetly”

Look at how he nonchalantly acted afterwards — it’s as if he hadn’t just smelled his friend’s hair a second ago.

4. Not once, but twice

Considering J-Hope’s reactions, he must have been used to it by now: he didn’t even flinch when the maknae smelled him twice.

5. You can lean on Jungkook…

…but the payment is a sniff on your hair. Call?

6. He can be a model for a CF of J-Hope’s neck

He looked blissfully happy smelling his hyung‘s neck that even the oldest member, Jin, felt compelled to join in the fun.

7. Again, every time Jungkook’s back-hugging V…

…he couldn’t resist but place his nose nearer and nearer to V’s neck.

8. The sweetest moment of them all