8 Songs By YG Entertainment Young Genius Producer MILLENNIUM That You’ll Want To Add To Your Playlist

He’s the man behind some of your favorite songs.

One of YG Entertainment‘s youngest producers is MILLENNIUM, also known as Choi Raesung. TREASURE Makers may already know him as the rapper who joined the original TREASURE A lineup during the “YG versus JYP” battle on STRAY KIDS (2017).

Though he was originally known for his dancing and rapping skills from K-Pop Star until then, he ended up becoming one of YG Entertainment’s golden producers instead.

| @gongjuboi/Instagram

Despite only being a 2000-liner, he’s already been making hits for years. Check out some of his best works below!

1. “Tendae” by Bobby

First up, MILLENNIUM teamed up with Bobby to write a number of songs on his Love and Fall album, including the upbeat Track 4 “Tendae”.


If you’re craving for a more hip hop song, check out “BLING BLING” by iKON. It’s sure to get you dancing!

3. “Slowmotion” by TREASURE

His most recent creation is TREASURE’s B-side track “Slowmotion” from their album THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT. Like the name suggests, it’s a slow, melodic, and beautiful song that is perfect to listen to at night.

4. “Happening” by AKMU

MILLENNIUM composed AKMU’s 2020 comeback title track “Happening” with fellow writer Sihyung and the “brother” of AKMU, Lee Chanhyuk.

5. “Hello” by WINNER

“Hello” is part of WINNER’s Everyday album which was released in 2018. It’s a cheerful track that will make you want to greet everyone you meet.

6. “Love Scenario” by iKON

Next up, this list would not be complete without iKON’s most iconic song “Love Scenario”. He worked with B.I and Seung as producers to release this digital hit.

7. “Fireworks” by NOA

Moving on, the “MILLENNIUM Remix” of “Fireworks” was released on July 1, 2020. Its heavy use of beats perfectly compliments its title, and you’ll want to bop your head to it from start to finish!

8. “Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone” by MILLENNIUM

Last but certainly not the least, let the holiday cheer never leave you with MILLENNIUM’s very own “Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone”.

He’s certainly a producer you should look out for!

| @gongjuboi/Instagram