8 Things Fans Want To See More Of After Watching Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Teaser

Fans really can’t wait for the comeback.

Fans are highly anticipating Stray Kids‘ next comeback. With the first teaser for “MANIAC” released, it’s safe to say fans cannot wait for the full video.

The teaser was short and well, not so sweet, so here are 8 things that fans want to see more of.

1. New hair colors

From Lee Know‘s dark hair to Hyunjin‘s fire red, fans are excited to get a closer look at these amazing colors.

2. Stylish fits

The teaser alone showed Bang Chan with painted nails and Felix in a sheer top. They are sure to wear many more amazing pieces.

3. Inventive choreo

Some fans thought the snippet of choreography seen in the teaser felt like a different vibe than Stray Kids normally does. On top of that, it seems that the dance may match some aspects of the lyrics which will be interesting to see.

4. Answers

Since the first piece of information about the comeback was released, fans have been theorizing about the concept. The teaser led to even more speculation. Fans can’t wait for answers.

5. Incredible wordplay

Stray Kids are known for including wordplay in their songs. When the full lyrics are released, it’ll all come together.

6. Intricate details

The music video set already seems to have an incredible amount of detail. There will surely be more to analyze in the full video.

7. Label-mate similarities

Some fans have pointed to similarities between NMIXX‘s “O.O” and the “MANIAC” teaser. Since both groups are under JYP Entertainment, it’s plausible that they are somehow connected.

8. The next big thing

Fans feel the power from this new comeback. Will it be the next big thing for the group? Only time will tell.

You can watch the full teaser here!

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