Here Are 7 Of The Strongest Theories Fans Have About Stray Kids’ “ODDINARY” Trailer

STAYs are so smart.

Stray Kids‘ comeback is right around the corner. With the release of their “‘ODDINARY’ Main Trailer,” fans are speculating more than ever about what is to come.

While a previous released trailer already had fans theorizing, this new trailer might offer more answers. Here are 7 of the top theories.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

1. The meaning of “Main”

Fans are curious about what the name of the title track for ODDINARY will be. While nothing has been officially confirmed, some fans have made the comparison to the “‘NOEASY’ Thunderous Trailer,” as the English title ended up being “Thunderous” for that comeback. This time around, it could be called “Main.”

Though others feel that “Main” is too plain for a Stray Kids title, given their tendency to use wordplay. Main could refer instead to Stray Kids becoming the main characters.

2. Time travel

Han stands in a room full of clocks. The digital clock appears to be going backwards, which could reflect traveling back in time.

3. Alice in Wonderland parallels

Some STAYs point out possible parallels to the Alice in Wonderland story where the protagonist, a young girl named Alice falls in rabbit hole to a fantasy world and has bizarre adventures.

Instead of Alice, Felix might the the one in “wonderland.”

One STAY made to observation that the term “odd” could connect this theory even further when you look at the Korean translation of Alice in Wonderland.

Perhaps the strongest of the theories, fans have pointed out this connection since the first trailer dropped.

4. Two universes

Some suggest that different universes are at play. The lock that is shown in the trailer could be the key to traveling between worlds. Since the lock breaks, Felix may be stuck in the “bad” world.

Another fans suggest that the two universes could hold two different versions of Stray Kids, the heroes and the villains.

5. Harley Quinn and Joker

Others note the similarities between DC Comics characters Harley Quinn and Joker and the scene where Hyunjin pushes Felix out of the window.

One fan even created a video to visualize this theory further and show the parallel between these two scenes.

6. Objects and their meaning

At one point Han puts in eye drops. Eagle-eyed fans have made the connection to what his watch says and what the bottle says. It seems that Han is trying to fake his emotions.

Another fan theorizes that the individual objects that members have, for example Hyunjin’s apple, could be the thing that keeps them “ODDINARY.”

7. Seven deadly sins

Others are taking the imagery from the trailer and suggesting the symbolism can relate to the seven deadly sins. The “evil” versions of Stray Kids could each represent one of the sins. For example, the cake Seungmin is seen with could represent gluttony.

What do you think of these theories?

You can watch the full trailer here to decide for yourself!

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