8 Times ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Sent His Fans Off With Good Dreams

Everyone sleeps better because of him!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is always feeling worried about fans who have bad dreams. He always makes sure to send them off with nothing but good dreams and even made a dream catcher for Arohas in one of his stops for his solo fan meeting.

He often posts wishing Arohas to sleep well at night, and even made his personalized hashtag whenever he does! He uses the hashtag #차나잇, which is a combination of a part of his stage name, “Cha,” and the word “night.”

Here are 8 times ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo sent his fans off with good dreams!

1. When he just finished his schedule!

Eunwoo’s always thinking of Arohas wherever and whenever and makes sure to send them off with good dreams right after he finishes with his schedules at night!

2. When he’s in the mood to play with face filters!

He shares some adorable photos of him using cute face filters to make sure that Arohas have nothing but good thoughts before they go to sleep!

3. When he’s on his way home!

Even on his way home when he has time to rest, he still makes sure that Arohas sleep well at night.

4. When MJ wants to join in on the fun!

MJ makes a guest appearance in Eunwoo’s good night tweets! They use cute face filters to send sweet dreams to Arohas!

5. When His Highness Prince Dowon took over!

Eunwoo recently starred in a K-Drama where he played as a prince, and he made sure to make the most out of his costumes so that Arohas receive sweet dreams from His Highness himself!

6. When he’s about to sleep!

Already comfortable on his bet and cozy under his blanket, Eunwoo makes sure he greets Arohas a good night before he dozes off!

7. When he proved that three’s aren’t a crowd!

Eunwoo makes sure Arohas’ have good dreams times three as fellow members MJ and Moonbin join him!

8. When he wants you to look forward to tomorrow!

Tomorrow doesn’t seem so scary anymore when Eunwoo tells you he’ll see you tomorrow! He sent Arohas to sleep feeling happy and excited to meet him the next day!