9 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Lisa Showed That They Are Sisters For Life

The cutest and silliest sisters ever!

Some of the realest friendships have been formed within K-Pop groups because of so many factors such as training together for a long time, having seen each others’ lowest points, being together all the time for your schedules, living together in the dorm, and so much more!

One of the best friendships that have been formed is between BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Lisa! They have known each other for so long and their personalities complement each other well. Additionally, they’re friends who were born on the same year, giving them an extra reason to feel comfortable with each other!

Here are 9 times BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Lisa became everyone’s friendship goals!

1. Performing on stage

When even performing on stage can’t separate them together! They always remain close to each other especially during their concerts!

2. Matching outfits

Rosé and Lisa wore similar outfits with different patterns on them! They wore a button-up top and some mini skirts for their bottoms! While Lisa wore something with a loud print and attention grabbing patterns, Rosé wore something more toned down and sophisticated.

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3. Holding hands

When your sister needs protection, you assure her by holding her hand and making her feel like you’re there for her. That’s exactly what Lisa did when she was walking through the airport with Rosé!

4. Kiss marks on cheeks

Lisa posted a photo of Rosé on her Instagram stories of her friend with an erasable kiss mark on her cheek! The kiss obviously came from Lisa! She even captioned the photo saying “I love you,” in a cute way!

5. Matching outfits (Christmas edition)

Rosé and Lisa seem to enjoy matching their outfits together as they pose cutely for the camera and smile and cuddle each other while performing on stage!

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6. Silly dancing together

When they have free time in their hands, Rosé and Lisa enjoy taking videos of themselves silly dancing to music just like girls who go on sleepovers!

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7. Wacky poses on the corridor

When no one else is around, they like to be their true selves and pose silly poses for the camera!

8. Hugs wherever whenever

The two enjoy spoiling each other with hugs even on very random occasions like this!

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9. When they admitted it themselves…

In one of the episodes of BLACKPINK House, Rosé wrote Lisa a letter where she admitted that her relationship with her member is just like a sisters.

Sometimes, I worry about you like you’re my little sister, and other times, you seem older, like a sister who looks out for me. And we’re also twins who grow alongside together.