8 Times When BTS Were Doting Seniors to TXT

The Big Hit boys ride hard for each other.

The relationship between BTS and TXT has been heartwarmingly wholesome since day one. TXT were the first hoobaes of BTS under the same label, and many of the TXT members have been first-hand witnesses of BTS’s journey from struggle to success.

Though the two groups have interacted many times on-camera, there are some particular moments that proved how well BTS take care of TXT as seniors.

1. Jin giving a shout-out to TXT even before their debut at an award show

During the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, Jin mentioned their soon-to-debut juniors in an acceptance speech and asked fans to look out for them. He even clarified that the label didn’t ask him to do it, which automatically made it clear how excited he was to welcome his juniors to the industry to give them a shout-out like this even before their debut was officially announced to the world.

2. V behaving like a proud dad after TXT won an award

During the 2019 Melon Music Awards, TXT were seated right behind BTS. Throughout the event, the groups shared many cute moments but what took the cake was V’s reaction when TXT won the Rookie of the Year award. As soon as they announced the winner’s name, V jumped off his seat with glee like a proud parent! Needless to say, fans of both groups felt very touched by this genuine bond between them.

3. J-Hope unofficially adopting Hueningkai

It all started when J-Hope met Hueningkai backstage at a music show and he noticed that the TXT maknae was carrying a small bag. J-Hope took it upon himself to teach the youngin the ways of the idol land and told him that if someone asks what is inside the bag, he should reply, “MOA’s love!

Every interaction between the two groups since then has shown how the dance leader of BTS has slowly grown an extra special soft spot for Hueningkai.

4. V comforting Beomgyu after pulling a prank on him

During the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun award ceremony, TXT covered BTS’s “Boy In Luv” on stage. After their performance, V decided to pull a prank on Beomgyu and asked him why he got the choreography wrong. Beomgyu was so flustered that he couldn’t control his tears. V immediately dropped the act and comforted him with a warm hug and praises.

5. J-Hope and Jimin being the official TXT hype men at Lollapalooza

TXT and J-Hope delivered two historical performances at Lollapalooza on two consecutive days. TXT were in the lineup for 30th July, while J-Hope was the headliner on 31st July. Jimin and J-Hope not only attended TXT’s performance but also went backstage to congratulate them after their performance.

Jimin was also seen grabbing a meal with the TXT members in Chicago after their performance.

6. Jungkook mentioning TXT very enthusiastically during an interview

During a US press junket of Map of the Soul:7, BTS were playing a game where they had to name the first thing that came to mind for each of the English alphabets. When it came to T, Jungkook jumped in with his answer, “Tomorrow by Together!

7. Jimin calling TXT “the babies

Jimin might be a part of the maknae line in BTS, but when it comes to doting on TXT, he switches the role perfectly. According to TXT’s leader Yeonjun, Jimin calls them “babies” and treats them like younger brothers.

8. Suga offering advice to help out his juniors

In a recent interview, when Taehyun from TXT was asked about the BTS and TXT group chat, he mentioned that Suga is the one who always steps up to help them when they reach out regarding any issue. He sends them detailed paragraphs and the juniros could not be more grateful for this gesture.

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