8 Times BTS Jimin’s Diligence Awed And Inspired Everyone Around Him

He’s so good at what he does, because he’s this persistent.

BTS‘s Jimin is, without a doubt, one of the most hard-working idols in the K-Pop industry. His persistency has been revealed and verified on numerous occasions by his teammates, industry sunbae(senior) idols, past school teachers and friends, and even first-time acquaintances. Here are 8 times Jimin’s diligent nature awed and inspired those around him.


1. 2019 The Deep Cut Interview By BTS’s Producer

In an interview with The Deep Cut, BTS’s producer Jinbo commented, “Jimin was one of the most hardworking people” he ever met. He added that Jimin’s “self-discipline and work ethic” is in fact his “unique talent”.


2. 2018 Radio Star Episode Featuring Agency-Mate Lee Hyun

In an episode of Radio Star, vocalist and BTS’s Big Hit Entertainment sunbae Lee Hyun pointed out that Jimin reminds him of himself. Like Lee Hyun, Jimin is always pushing himself to reach a new “best”. Lee Hyun explained, “Jimin is constantly practicing to improve himself.”


3. 2018 BTS Festa

At the 2018 BTS Festa, Jin praised him for having no limits when it comes to self-improvement.

Question: Who is the member with the biggest influence on you?
Jin: Personally, Jimin is my biggest motivation. I think he is already close to perfect on stage. So it makes me wonder how he can continue to push himself ever so endlessly. He inspires me to practice dancing. Every time I feel like giving up, I look to Jimin. And I would find him practicing.


4. 2017 CREA Magazine Interview

During BTS’s interview with CREA Magazine, Jimin blew the interviewer’s mind with his persistent attitude.

The members agreed that Jimin is the most hardworking one. This is true; Even as they were in between shoots and on standby, Jimin would occupy an empty room and take on practicing a choreography or a song. Not once during my interview with them was Jimin kind of relaxed and lounging.

— Interviewer


5. 2016 BTS Festa

At the 2016 Festa, Suga introduced Jimin as someone who “does not quit” and praised him for being a motivational drive for the rest of the team.

Jimin does not know what giving up means. He pours his best into everything he does and that makes me feel proud. Watching him go fuels my passion as well.

— Suga


6. 2015 Ten Asia Interview With Choreographer Son Sung Deuk

During his interview with Ten Asia, BTS’s choreographer Son Sung Deuk revealed Jimin’s “healthy amount of greed” to be his strongest asset. Son Sung Deuk explained, “Jimin has a lot of healthy greed. So he practices a lot. He continues to work on improving his vocals. Whatever he feels like he lacks, he focuses on filling it and upgrading it. He will be the last one leaving the practice.”


7. 2014 Haruhana Magazine Interview

When BTS members were asked to look back and pick one thing that even they find impressive about themselves, for an interview with the Japanese Haruhana Magazine, J-Hope did not hesitate to hype up Jimin.

I always found Jimin very impressive. When he first started, he kind of lacked that 2%. It wasn’t clear whether he would be able to survive and debut with the group. But now, he’s a great dancer and boasts amazing stage presence — like everyone knows. That is purely the result of his diligence. He would always practice, practice, practice… and I found that very inspiring. There is so much to learn from him.

— J-Hope


8. Jimin’s High School Days

BTS Jimin’s Former Homeroom Teacher Reveals What He Was Really Like In Middle School

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