10 Times BTS Shook Us With Their GORGEOUS Hanbok-Clad Selves

From 2013 until now, they rock these clothes!

Hanboks are a traditional Korean garment that idols often wear to greet their fans a happy Chuseok or Lunar New Year. BTS recently released their 2019 holiday greeting in these clothes.

In remembrance of arguably the most gorgeous style of clothing ever worn by the members, here are 10 instances BTS shook the world when they wore hanboks!

1. Their 2013 First Chuseok

Starting off as a rookie group in 2013, BTS made sure to surprise their fans with this photoshoot. The members seemed to have lots of fun in the other photos Big Hit Entertainment released.

2. Their 2014 Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

BTS showed off their playful personalities in this behind the scenes photoshoot, with Suga even showing off some moves.

3. Dancing “Danger” in Traditional Clothes

BTS is known for their dance practices, especially the ones where they don fun clothing and playful expressions. Their song “Danger” had a refreshing take when they wore hanboks for the video.

4. Jin Surprising Everyone at the Airport

This is probably one of Jin’s most iconic photos. He was said to have lost a bet which made him wear the light blue Hanbok on the way to MAMA.

5. Their 2017 Chuseok Greeting

The group enjoyed multiple games together during this V-Live episode, celebrating the holidays with their fans.

6. Their 2018 Lunar New Year Greeting

The members looked fresh in this Lunar New Year photoshoot. Suga gave a message to fans, saying, “I still don’t feel that 2018 has come. Our goal this year is to enter Billboard Hot 100 and my wish is that I can collaborate with other artists or release a solo product. Finally, we wish for world peace in the new year.”

7. Rapline’s “Daeng” Unit Stage

The rapline absolutely killed it in this performance! Not only did they spit fire with their verses, but the hanbok added a traditional taste to their modern song.

8. The Hanbok “Idol” Music Video Outfits

Having traditional Korean clothing in a widely popular music video showed BTS’s patriotism. “Idol” currently has over 500 million views, spreading a touch of Korean culture to the world.

9. This Stunning Official Photo

The members wore the black and gold hanboks with confidence, styling the hanbok up with additions of modern touches.

10. Their 2019 Chuseok Greeting

Finally, BTS’s latest Chuseok greeting featured hanboks with more textures, dark colors, and modern cuts.

They certainly never fail to impress!

Source: Naver