8 Times BTS Suga Showed His Soft Spot For Maknae Jungkook

Their special “Hyung–Dongsaeng” relationship is inspiring.

BTS Suga has always been perceived as a no–nonsense person, never seen as someone sentimental. When it comes to Jungkook, however, Suga is all heart. Suga has a soft spot for the golden maknae, and he has taken Jungkook under his wing like doting “hyung” caring for his “dongsaeng.” Here are eight instances when Suga showed how protective and soft he was for Jungkook.

1.  Suga introduced the Irish Bomb to Jungkook

While vacationing in Malta, Suga took Jungkook to a bar to teach him how to drink whiskey. But Jungkook preferred a milk-based sweet drink, so Suga introduced the drink Irish Bomb, to Jungkook. Of course they still drank whiskey and thoroughly enjoyed their time together.

2. Suga lets Jungkook do anything he wants

Jungkook is such a playful boy and at times his playfulness extends to messing with Suga’s hair, or anything he’s wearing. But like an indulgent hyung, Suga lets him do whatever he wants, without getting irritated.

3. Suga made Jungkook feel better about himself

During their fifth Festa Attic event, Jungkook shared with his group members that he thought his private self was insignificant, because he was slow and didn’t study hard enough. Suga contradicted him and said his current activities, which include watching and editing videos were also a form of studying. As you know, Jungkook is an ace video editor, and this was Suga’s way of telling him he was also a good student.

4. Suga recognized Jungkook had a big heart early on

Still on the same Festa Attic event, they were all asked to describe the member beside them. Suga described Jungkook as someone who overcame his fears well. When J-Hope mentioned that Jungkook now had a bigger heart, Suga said he already had a big heart when he was younger, they just didn’t see him that way. Suga was able to see Jungkook’s best qualities even as he was growing up with them.

5. Suga asked Jungkook to do the bottlecap challenge

When V asked that they do the bottlecap challenge, Suga asked Jungkook to do it, having complete faith that Jungkook would execute the challenge perfectly.

6. Suga acknowledges Jungkook’s hard work

In a magazine interview, Suga was asked to give a message to Jungkook. This was his message to the Golden Maknae.

Although you were the youngest, you became an adult man in no time. We’ve seen your growth up close, but it’s kind of strange. I know that you’re always working hard, so I hope you will stay the same as you are now.


7. Suga sent Jungkook a sweet message saying I love you

Back in their 2018 Festa celebration, Suga talked about sending sweet messages to two members, and Jungkook admitted he was one of them. The other members said Suga was not the type to send sweet messages or say those three words, but he did both for Jungkook.

8. Suga laughs hard at all of Jungkook’s jokes

Whenever Jungkook attempts to make his hyungs laugh, Suga laughs the hardest. Jungkook always makes him fall on his knees laughing, as shown on this video.

The friendship shared between Suga and Jungkook is indeed special. They are both lucky to have found each other.