8 Times BTS Totally Ignored Big Hit Entertainment’s Rules

The members have broken many rules, and fans love it.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has certain rules in place, but every once in a while the mischievous members can’t getting into trouble. Here are 8 times BTS totally ignored the rules and made their own!

1. When RM may have broken the “no drunk tweeting” rule

2. When Jungkook and V definitely did break the “no drunk tweeting” rule

3. When J-Hope played a fanmade lyric video in his live stream that infringed on Big Hit Entertainment’s copyright

4. When Jin became his own stylist by cutting his own hair…with kitchen scissors

5. When Jimin screenshotted BTS’s Save Me webtoon, which has a security policy that prohibits screenshots. Not only that, he tweeted it!

6. When Jin spoiled BTS’s “IDOL” comeback

7. When Suga disobeyed the rules of the staff’s zombie tag game to win it

8. When the staff told BTS not to drink alcohol on camera, so Jin decided he would drink alcohol on camera