8 Times IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi Showed That She Is A Natural Mom

She’s such a great mom!

Being a leader of a K-Pop group isn’t an easy task. It means taking responsibilities, watching over and taking care of all your members.

And IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi shows just that! Eunbi has shown time and time again how great of a leader she is!

She always make sure her members are feel loved and are taken care of! WIZ*ONEs have given her the nickname, “mom,” because of her mother-like skills!

Here are 8 times IZ*ONE’s Eunbi showed that she is a natural mom!

1. When she demonstrated how she wakes her members up

Eunbin sounded strict when she demonstrated how she wakes her members up!

2. When she showed that she genuinely listened to everything her members say

When Yujin mentioned that she wanted to eat tteokbokki for her birthday and Eunbin made sure that it happened! Eunbin remembered what Yujin said and brought tteokbokki to her members’ room on her birthday even if they were out of the country for an overseas schedule.

3. When she protected her members from the cold

Because she wants her members to always feel comfortable, she hugged them to help them warm them up in the midst of the cold air!

4. When she made sure she documented every moment

As moms want to document every moment of their kid’s life, Eunbi naturally felt the need to take a photo of her member playing in the pool!

5. Tying her members’ shoe laces

Eunbi makes sure that her members don’t trip while walking so she tied one of her members’ shoe laces when she saw that it was undone!

6. When she bragged about how kind her members are

Eunbin was so amazed at how kind Yujin is and couldn’t stop mentioning it!

7. When she became a stage mom

She watched Yujin shoot her dance scenes from the sidelines and cheered for her making her the stage mom that she is!

8. When her heart warms up whenever she sees her members together

It makes Eunbin’s heart full whenever she sees her members getting along with each other!